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frostpunk city 1024x576 - Save crash fix

TL;DR: something in this game didn't like windows 10 storage spaces and would crash the drive pool, moving the game off that drive pool stopped my crashes.

I'm running a windows 10 Pro x64 computer, with an FX-8150 CPU and a GTX 980 GPU.

I have my OS running on an SSD and most of my large stuff on a 4x2TB "Storage Space", that can provide a max of 7.27TB (only 3.83TB used, most of which is various steam games).

I regularly had crashes at the end of save sequences. Around day 20 of my game, it was to the point where I could save the game once (auto save or manual) and at the end of the next save, the game would crash. Using what I know now, it looks like it was freezing that storage space (will get into details on why i think that in a bit). I had steam installed in the same drive that the game was installed on, and it would freeze, and trying to kill steam and frostpunk would lock up my computer. When frostpunk froze, the computer wouldn't even finish a shutdown. This is the only game i have ever seen do this. Now the whole computer wouldnt freak out until i tried to force kill steam & frostpunk, so i could poke around.


Tried multiple fixes, updated graphics drivers, increased page file size, drop all the settings to potato, but nothing had any effect on the crashes. Eventually, i noticed that drive E (the storage space) would peg at 100% IO during the freeze and my physical hard drives would go completely silent. Put 2 & 2 together, instructed steam to move the game to my C drive (side not, THANKS STEAM FOR THAT FEATURE), and was able to play the next 40 days of the game without a single crash.

I understand this may not affect very many people (windows storage spaces isn't exactly the most well known or popular feature), but I hope it helps someone. Even after I found a fix, I could not find any other thread online that talked about windows storage spaces & Frostpunk.

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If anyone knows a good way to send this info to the devs, I would happily do so.

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