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frostpunk 5 - Scenario Ideas/City Names

Scenario ideas practically based on Frostpunk fanfics I have reading and my play throughs of Endless Mod Maps. Need some more work… any suggestions or ideas?

Last Haven (Map: Flats)

The City of Last Haven is a large settlement that was built in region that once tidal flats, been so close semi-frozen sea, the people of Last Haven are able harvest rich bounty from the sea.

The People of Last Haven were part of a Fleet of refugee ships, however during heavy storm their cruiser become separate from the fleet. When they arrived that their destination, they found they were the first to arrive.

With their limited onboard the cruiser they prepared to city as best as possible for the arrival of the rest of the fleet, but they never came. Worried that something happened to the Fleet, they send out Scout Parties to sea in hope that they can find fleet and bring back any survivors.

  • Research Scout Airship Technology
  • Find the 8 ship of the Fleet.

New Hope (Map: Crags)

The City of New Hop (Generator 049) is a large settlement that was built in a sheltered valley, after rugged terrain and worsening weather made reaching the primary site impossible. The same rock formations that impeded the advance make it very difficult for the people of New Hope to built their city, but they endured and held hope. Now City of New Hope has become beacon of hope in this cold and desolated world.

  • Keep Hope above 50%

Iron City

Iron City is a small settlement that was built in a collapsed crater of a volcano, while being rich in coal and iron deposits, wood is scarce resource and forcing the city to find an outside source. Nearby Geothermal Springs provides the city with bountiful, but potentially danger, source for warmth and energy.

  • Find Source of Wood
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Canyon of Solace (Map: Canyon)

The City of Solace (Generator 358) is small settlement that was built in a large crevasse sheltering it from bitter winds, but the area available for construction is limited.

Rapid City

Rapid City is medium sized that was built inside the gigantic crevasse of a glazier, whoever came up with idea was the placed of the Generator within the path of a glazier was a colossal idiot. While continuously threated to be swept away, the Engineers came up with specialized Ice Melters that melts ice before it reaches the city, keeping it safe from being slowly crushed by low moving monolithic wall of solid ice.

  • Protect the City the approaching Glazier
  • Research Ice Melters Technology

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