Scenario – The Lords

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Before London falls, an admiral gets bribed by the lords. He seizes a generator for the lords and they settle there with his help but the generator is a prototype and the admiral keeps bringing people and resources

You are the lord that manages everyone, you have to keep the lords and the admiral happy or you will be executed.

Main Quests Generator Shuts Down-> Need Engineers-> Find Engineers-> Repair The Generator-> Admiral's Coal Support Stops-> Need Workers and Mines-> Find Workers And Build Mines-> Class Conflict-> Warning From Admiral(This is where you choose your path) First Path

Nobility Path(Basically favoring the lords, they don't have to work, they need luxury, new houses, quality food, knight order and this will give you hope and the admiral's support.) Admiral Gives Support(People, Resources) -> Commoners Revolt-> Crisis(Many events will happen and most of them will increase discontent you have to hold on till the admiral comes) -> Admiral Restores Order -> Admiral's Intentions(You will have to keep the both sides happy and gain their support before Admiral takes your place) -> Admiral's Ultimatum -> Admiral's Death(If you have the support of both sides, Commoners and Lords.) -> House of Lords(Depends on your path) -> New King(You)


Second Path

Commoner Path(You support the commoners, force the lords to work, equality and such.) Admiral Stops All Support(You won't get any people or resources from the admiral) -> Lords Turn To Admiral-> Admiral's Forces(You will have to gain the support of both sides) -> Admiral Arrested By His Forces(His forces become loyal to you if you have the support of both sides)-> Admiral's Fate(Decide His Fate)-> House of Commons-> New Prime Minister(You)

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