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I i'm preparing for the storm in my current game and thought i was doing well but holy hell wasn't expecting so many injured. I had a couple infirmaries and maybe 4 medical posts. Had zero sick/injured and only a couple with prosthetic limbs.

It got me thinking what's the max amount of steam cores you can get? I was dumb and gave 1 to the engineer for a free tech and 5% efficiency which wasn't worth it. I count 17 steam cores total and 18 if i hadn't given 1 to the engineer.

How does Tesla City work? I got there by day 15 i think and setup an outpost. For a while though it seemed to stop giving me cores is there a certain amount it can give?

My plan of attack was to pack all the houses in the 4 rings of heat i ended up dismantling the guard towers and fighting arenas for more houses. I was trying not to use the steam hubs i had max heater, generator and automation tech. I wanted to automate my coal with automation's and used a maxed coal thumper and 4 gathering huts with 5 automations on them. I'm thinking coal mines with automations even though they cost a steam core would be more effective?


The problem i had most was food i had 10 blimp hunter buildings. still couldn't keep up with rations. I had 2 cook houses and 695 pop. I also had the fishing village for most of the game.

I want to try again but need to fix my food shortage and prepare for all the injured on my next play through. So Hunters or Hothouses? Do you recommend automating cookhouses?

I used child shelters and made them go into medical as well as extra rations. I also went into order for agitator and foremen for my workshops. Downside here was the boosts needed rations which i was frequently short of.

I like the generator heating only style of play but i could definitely use steam hubs to heat what i would dub medical hot spots maybe 4 infirmaries and however many posts i could fit in the radius. If i had 2 of these I could treat 80-100 injured easy. I'd keep a third for cook houses unless its better to keep them cold and just stick an automation on it?

What are your guy's favorite food, coal, and medical setups as these seem to be the most important?

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