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This concept’s goal is to let those people that thinks hard mode is easy have a even bigger challenge, but not by jacking the temperature down or by cutting corner in resource generation, but by messing with mechanics to make it feel different.

Hope and discontent now directly affects production, low hope and high discontent, in the most extreme cases, will now half your efficiency. In order to not take penalty in efficiency, you must keep hope above 50% and discontent below 50% (better stock up before winterhome! ) To compensate for this, you receive 10% efficiency when you have hope ABOVE 90% high or BELOW 10% discontent, or if you have both, 15% boost.

I see you spamming sermon and prayer, huh? Well, they are now slightly less efficient, and they decrease discontent or increase hope only to a threshold. You can’t get higher than 80% hope no matter how much propaganda you spam, and your discontent will not get below 25 if you only rely on temporary solution. If you want the bonuses you have to earn them, probably by not giving them soup or spam workshop emergency shift 24/7.


Temperatures are now broadcasted less reliably, instead of 5-day-forecast, you see only 3, and worst of all, it is only a white label that reads “temperature will fluctuate” when hovered. Every label you meet could be godsend +1 you needed, or a deadly -3 cold snap from hell. (to prevent this causing people to fail the keeping house warm mission, you will see the real temperature hours before it hits.

Londoner will give you 3 less days before they leave, storm hits 7 days earlier.

Storm will drop 2 temperature tiers at a time, but the drops are 2 days apart, resulting in 2 days where the temperature will be lower than normal. The final -150c is not the end, after that, temperature rises back up to -120c, and slowly rises 1 tier per day, you will able to get food when it is -70c, and game ends at -30c, demanding you to treat all your sick from the storm.

Failsafe options removed, max discontent or no hope kills you without ultimatum, and generator lowing up can ONLY be fixed with 2 steam cores.

Would this be a more interesting mode than even colder temperature? Or would you rather just a play a game with “hard mode on steroids”? I kinda want to see other people’s thoughts.

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