Simple layout for 1 year of uptime in Hard Endless Endurance without player intervention

frostpunk 5 - Simple layout for 1 year of uptime in Hard Endless Endurance without player intervention


Goal achieved: every 7 days there is a storm. Only essential mouse clicks are allowed, such like closing the dialog of "Storm is coming", exiting the world map, confirming a new hazard has come, confirming hazard is gone, and fast forwarding the game.

Some points considered:

  • Heat zone radius reduction hazard: the most energy-efficient strategy seems to be using 6 steam hubs (24h + range 2), and putting the generator range to 2 and steam level to 4, so it covers all houses, cookhouses, hothouses and child shelters at all time.
  • Steam core efficiency hazard: there is no need for human to work as long as a stockpile of coal and food lasts more than a month. Don't let human work, because people slowly become amputees due to automaton accidents and will leave their work position.
  • Medical post is bad for engineers for the reason above, and bad for automatons for low efficiency (speed, space and capacity).
  • Hunter's hangar is bad – workers are stupid to stay in it during storms to get frostbites.
  • Coal thumpers and gathering posts are good warm places for human, but wastes too much space.
  • Hothouse hazard: no need to worry, because stockpile of food lasts 4 weeks (likely 4 different types of hazard).
  • Hope loss: sign the final law "New Faith" so people stop losing hope before each storm. 21 people had to be killed.
  • Other dialog: don't sign laws like "Righteous Denunciation" so no random dialog will pop-up to bother you.
  • Generator overdrive: as a result of avoiding this, people become gravely ill for each -120 °C day, so a sufficient number of infirmaries (with automatons and overcrowding facility law) are required to heal them fast enough. Unfortunately there seems to be a limited number of steam cores available, so I could only build 12 infirmaries for 240 patients. This means people still need to queue for treatment after each storm, especially when getting the illness hazard or the steam core efficiency hazard. These hazards do not cause too much trouble because they always ends before each -120 °C day.
  • Amputees: a factory with an automaton producing prosthetic indefinitely resolves this.
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If the same hazard never occurs consecutively, then theoretically this city can thrive for many years indefinitely with AHK macro while player is AFK.

Anyone else to share experience here?

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