So imprisoning 2/3 of the city simultaneously is not “Crossing the Line”

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Exactly what it says. Here's the story: I was down to two days before the total morons Londoners departed, and they had a whopping 120 brainwashed followers. I was wary about going further beyond guard stations (besides patrols) as I knew there were several suicide events. I picked prisons and built one (never got a suicide event). I was fascinated to discover the prisons have a "roundup" ability that, for basically no cost, massively lowers discontent and instantly lowers Londoners pop by ten. Out of curiosity, I wondered if each prison had it's own cooldown, so I could use it on each prison.

You can. It does. You can repeatedly "roundup", once per prison, every two days or so.

So I enthusiastically built 12 prisons, staffed them with one worker each, and in a single day, Londoners went from 120 to 4! (which seems to be a base number or something). When the timer ran out, all of them decided to stay!

Then I looked at the REST of my city and was shocked to discover all the workplaces were empty.


Yeah, ok so, it turns out that "roundup" just grabs about 20-30 random citizens and locks them up. Meaning they can't do anything for 4 days.

Luckily it doesn't lock up your outpost and scout teams, so I basically had them mouth feed my city coal and food for four days and we coasted on my generous stockpiles until all the arrested people got released. No one even died all game.

EDIT: Oh yeah, next paragraph has end-game spoilers.

A few weeks later the weather got a little bit nippy and the "comfortable" mines shattered, so I built a luxurious gathering post resort, with full time steam spiders staffing the spice coal thumpers. Finally it warmed up and I got my report card as a King esteemed benevolent leader.

"We haven't crossed the Line. Order gave us strength. We survived."

o.O Total Success?!?!

Bonus points: I apparently was a vegetarian that run too.

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