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Some cruel strategy tips for Endless Extreme Endurance

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I guess anybody browsing for Endurance tips already know about the “people or cores” decision on food and coal. How useful Faith for its awesome heal houses, and that extra hands from child labor make things much more manageable.

So I was wondering can you ignore these to guidelines and still survive having coal mines, hothouses, child shelters, and no Purpose laws at the time the first storm ends. By “survive” I of course mean to be in a stable position when first storm ends.

Couple days spent trying out, and I have my answer and it is “Yes”. Well… if you are ok with some people dying. But The City Must Survive right?

For clarification I played on Crater and Crags, Crater is fine with any layout, where Crags may require some restarting if you don’t get coal deposits relatively close to your starting position.

Basically my strategy revolved around being greedy and heartless bastard, trying to grab as much stuff while not carrying if something slips through your grasp. And some save scamming, but it IS possible without it, just takes a lot of experience and super-slick build order.

Every outside map layout has 3-4 spots with people (about 20-30 counting children in each), and 2-3 but I don’t think it is possible to get them all on Extreme) spots with steam cores (2 in each plus some coal, and if you are lucky – iron). Everything else on Extreme is a waste of time, you rarely get more then 30-40 resources from one spot.

Trick is to scout map first finding all the steam core and people spots, then load, rush beacon (and later second scout team). Go straight for people spot, DO NOT escort them, instead bee-line for cores.

Thing about survivors going on their own, that unlike New Home scenario they will not be sick when they get to you, and the ones that die will be useless children anyway. Yes I prefer to let them die instead of putting poor midgets to work. And by the way, children dying outside your city don’t give that huge hope penalty, so that’s a nice bonus.

You will get about 50-70 able survivors and 4 cores from whole map, that is enough to get all 3 coal mines, 2 hothouses and 2 infirmaries. Last one will be critical when the storm hits, but you can try any combination of steam core buildings. For instance if you are really screwed with coal deposit location you can just grab 1-2 upgraded ones, or go for wall drill + charcoal kiln (good place to put guys from your disabled food buildings).

What if you don’t want to save scam? Well overmap layout has some patterns it follows so you can kind guess where to go. Memorizing spots names and wield will help also, I maybe will place some list later. For now keep your eyes open for “Buried Hamlet”, “Large Crater”, “Blue Dunes”, “Circle of Stones”, “Cave of Lights” – these spots hold survivors. You start with 3 locations that hold some resources and after each you are guaranteed to find one of the survivor spots after 1-2 “steps”. One of them will always be closer than others, requiring to visit only 2 spots before you hit the one with people. Go there first, send them to your city and continue onwards, until you hit steam cores.

What if you for some strange reason filling sorry for these “they are mostly children” buggers? Well, you can escort all 3 closest survivor spots home and get 4 steam cores, if you rush beacon, then scout techs and generally are really confident with your build. Extra hands do help, and you have some creative ways to help manage your discontent with influx of new people.

Now with general idea out of the way let’s go about some tips:

Keep your workshop team working 24/7

This is really important, you will not get to the cool techs using all your steam cores if you don’t. You will need 2 of them to rotate 24 hour shifts. Don’t worry about the occasional dead, they are great fertilizer (and we are using hothouses) or just body parts for transplantation.

If event about giving extra food to overtime workers popups – don’t. You will dearly regret it if do when the storm hits and city will have zero food for at least a day.

Also do not build anything near workshops outside working ours. Stupid game will send your 24 hour shift engineers if their work spot is closest on building even if you have spare people somewhere in they city.

If you can, use 2 workshops during day, just keep track on your medical posts, if some beds are open you can take out engineers and put them on science.

Try to keep number of sick people low

Prevention is key, if you can always keep work places on livable or more do it. Even if it costs coal. People in treatment do not work, and even die if they don’t get one. Don’t be greedy here or your city will enter death spiral.

Some guides will tell you it’s ok to not build gathering posts before first temperature drop. It is a trap! First, ok maybe second if you are rushing beacon, but on third day you must have posts or number of sick will get out of control by stacking up.


And turn on generator/overdrive at night, so their sleep is “comfortable”.

Remember – it’s not only sick people that are slacking, the medics that can do something useful instead are wasting their time too.

Dance on the edge of revolt

Figured blabbing about keeping your slaves healthy wasn’t really “cruel” tips, so here we go. You don’t have to keep them happy. In fact if they are happy you are doing something sub optimal.

You may found that red bar filling up and people keep wondering how the Capitan can make their lives more miserable somewhat scary, but stop for a moment and calmly think what exactly are the consequences.

There are 2 things, you will not be able to pass some important laws and will get ultimatum event to lower discontent or be banished.

Both pose no threat if you can lower your discontent for a short amount of time. Turn off the extended shift (between 20:00 and 6:00 obviously, so you don’t actually lose any work time), turn on overdrive to heat up homes, put people into public house. Discontent will drop down, ultimatum will be fulfilled and you even get that sweet hope bonus, ha-ha! You can basically farm people being fed up with your cruel ways.

What if you did that and people are still pissed off? Well there are couple of ways…

First is “overcrowded medical facilities” debuff, that law is extremely useful doubling your treatment capacity and allowing some discontent juggling. All you need to do is to turn all your medical facilities off, so people will no longer be upset about being packed like sardines. Funny thing is, it takes them some time to figure out that they traded bad healthcare for no healthcare, “no medical care” debuff will go up, but not before discontent drops drastically. Clearing current ultimatum, so you can stuff those slowpokes back. Sometimes you can even trigger “treat all the sick” event and again grab some hope basically for free. Starting to figure out how did I managed to clear first storm without Purpose laws?

Important thing is to have everybody in treatment before you do that, not already having “no medical care” debuff. It can’t mess you up if you are not careful.

You can do same thing with houses too, but it’s a bit trickier and not always work. When people are complaining about cold houses – turn off all houses! Remind them that they have that crappy flapping roof over their heads only thanks to your wise guidance! Discontent will drop for a moment and ultimatum is clear! Trick is that even without “debuff drop lag” “no houses” debuff depending on temperature sometimes is lower than “cold homes” debuff.

Two more not so reliable ways to drop discontent require some planning.

You can switch from soup to normal meals for a day, good thing that people eat more tasty meals first removing some of the “bad food” dbuff.

You also can time influx of new people to clear ultimatum. Even if you send them on their own, they come to your city healthy and happy massively dropping overall discontent. It even makes perfect sense, these poor fools are grateful to their savior and not yet know what overtime work hell awaits them.

Feeding people every day is a waste of food

This one takes some finesse and not always worth the hustle but if you are trying to squeeze every little bit out of your people you totally can do it. Thing is, on Extreme people can go without food for 2 days, one in “normal” one in “hungry” mode. After that they get “starving” and try to eat stockpiled raw food, so you have to be careful, but you can generally get away with feeding rations only to the starving workers. Just keep your food raw every other day, starving eat first anyway. And you even get “feed everyone” events that again, gets you some free hope.

Just remember that sick and hungry people tend to die, keeping them healthy is extremely important.

Scout team is a great way to get rid of 5 sick people

These brave explorers are so hardcore that they don’t require food and do their job just as fine even if they were dying before going out. To send exactly 5 sick people you will need some medical bed space and 2 empty resource spot on the ground. Put a dude in one spot and look at the yellow efficiency bar at the top. Did it go up? If no (because guy you put is in treatment), that worker is sick, put him in other pile. Repeat. If it did go up, put another worker and check it again. You will figure it out once you try.

Will add more later, but for now the most important part of build order for me was:

Faster gathering – Beacon – Sawmill – Heaters – Tier 2 – Hothouse – 2 scout or Iron works

You can swap gathering and beacon.

On first night always build 2 med posts. Build cookhouse on night before day with first temperature drop.

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    Mar 02, 2020 11:14 pm

    Love the way it is written, loved the content.
    Well, those who survived in “Winterhearth” (My generator town) ultimately got the most comfortable life ever – I had roughly 20 of the 630 inhabitants working (didn’t find enough steam cores to automate the last few healing huts).

    Thanks for writing this, was a pleasure!

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