Some events for those alternate scenarios i posted yesterday

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Some events for those alternate scenarios i posted yesterday

these are events that will happen in the various scenarios, and once again thanks to donairian on the 11 bit discord server for this first one

alternate winterhome: ''People have begun removing the frozen bodies from the houses, along with most of their belongings, despite the grisly fate of their former occupants the houses are too well insulated to not use and families are already moving in. Our more superstitious people are voicing concern though, they are saying that this city is cursed and we should demolish the buildings instead, what should we do Captain?''

~ ''Bring them all down'' (You must dismantle all houses.) ~ ''The dead shall be moved'' (You must sign the cemetery, or corpse disposal law.) ~ ''Let me think about it''

there will be more events like this as you dismantle or use the remnants of new cardiff

alternate The Last Autumn: "sir, people have begun to look through the modified train up on the ice wall. they have found bodies,supplies, and 3 steam cores built in. an engineer stopped them before they could start dismantling it, and has a proposal. she says that it might take a bit, but with the proper supplies the train could be repaired and used for expeditions into the frost land"

_"dismantle it" (you get X steel, X wood, X raw food, X food rations, and 3 steam cores)

-"leave it, ill decide later"

-"we need all we can find. start the research" (5 engineers will not be able to work for the next 48 hours)

once this is researched, you can use the train on treads as an upgraded scouting team or outpost team. if you choose scout team, you can access some scouting locations you couldnt before, and can carry survivors as you scout. if you choose outpost team, you will get tripple the resources from the depot at double the speed


alternate refugees: a lookout comes scrambling down the beacon, falling down halfway but landing in the snow. when he pops up from the snowpile he begins repeatedly yelling one phrase. "THE ROYAL FAMILY IS COMING!" the royals are coming, and i hope they are willing to help work, or at lead administrate

when they get to the city a seeries of events will trigger, based around the royal family and some lords refusing to work more than usual. at the end you will be able to unock a tech under the house redesign on the tech tree for these people to live in, which will allow you to use them as engineers or public figures. public figures dont do much work, but they do increase hope and lower discontent in a radius around their new homes

alternate a new home: "sir, some teenagers wandered into the old factory. they managed to find tesla's old office, and brought a safe that apparently contains tesla's notes!"

-"unlock it" (1 engineer will not work for 24 hours, but you will unlock the ability to research some hidden techs)

-"let the teenagers try to open it" (one child shelter, or 15 children, will spend 24 hours trying to unlock it and will be unable to work until its open) -"leave it here" (in 72 hours you will get an event stating you managed to open it) -ill think about it

some other mechanics for tesla city. workshops have a radius, and the more of the factory/relics of the city are in the radius the higher the efficiency of the workshop, and the total parts of the factory and relics in workshops radius determines what techs you can research. some survivors out in the frostland also have techs, but some of these arent as good as the ones you can research, and are just temporary before you research the actual tech.

also, if modding ever becomes a thing, and specifically modded scenarios, i will attempt to make these scenarios


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