Some ideas about additions to laws

frostpunk 3 - Some ideas about additions to laws

So after some less than savory discussion, I've been thinking of several things regarding laws. Ideally nothing that is strictly better, but stuff to change the way you might want to play.

So first thing first: I suggest that you have the option to repeal certain laws. Laws which would require you to build a structure or are down a branch that forces a structure change (i.e. child labor and corpse disposal) would be exempt for the purpose of not invalidating early choices in those matters. Naturally, New Order/New Faith, being as significant as they are in the change of tone in story and gameplay, would be exempt from repeal. Repealing a law would incur twice the cooldown of signing that law, and cause twice as much discontent increase or hope dropping as implementing the law would fix (so it's not something you do just for the hell of it mainly, and justifiable by the natural idea of loss aversion and people strongly disliking you taking away things that make them happier or more hopeful.) The idea behind this would be more for endless mode, because changing laws like this probably wouldn't be the most feasible thing in the timed story missions. Of course this naturally has issues, and I'm not saying it's a perfect idea, but something along those lines.

Now, this is more to facilitate my next idea – more laws that ask you to make some sort of tradeoff instead of just giving you something new to use.


Relaxed Emergency Shift – branches off from Emergency Shift. With this law, workers on emergency shifts, while constantly working, won't push themselves. They will work with 20% less efficiency (relative to whatever the efficiency would be before such an effect was applied, i e. 120% becomes 96%), emergency shifts will cause workers to fall ill, perhaps gravely, or suffer amputations instead of dying in accidents, and emergency shift will cause less discontent.

Medical treatment Preference: Worker/Engineer – branches off from Overcrowding/Extra Rations for the Ill. When forced to choose, either workers or engineers will be prioritized for medical treatment. Will cause a discontent increase whenever medical facilities are full while there are still sick citizens (i.e. not just when they haven't gone to get treatment yet, but when they can't.) Though engineers may be the more typical choice, one could choose workers if there is an overabundance of engineers and you rely on hunters to get food for you.

Survival Training – branches off Public House. Citizens receive education and physical training in surviving in harsh conditions, hosted by the generator. Reduces discontent, and citizens who receive training have a lower chance of falling gravely ill or becoming amputees in cold weather. However, some citizens will need to leave work early every day to attend the training. Overtime workers are exempt and will not receive benefits or be forced to leave work early.

Just a few ideas. Thoughts?

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