Some ideas for maps/scenarios.

frostpunk 5 - Some ideas for maps/scenarios.


This scenario/map would take place on a giant, mobile platform (think something like the Dreadnoughts but capable of..well, building a city on it) in which you can build your city upon. You can gather resources by “parking” it, sending out scouts, retrieving them, then going on your merry way. Of course there will also be “nodes” on the platform that you can gather from as well.

Some things to TRULY make this unique;

  • The Roaming City has multiple nodes that you can gather from that provide different resources (coal, metal, wood, food, etc) but these are all powered by the city’s Generator.
  • If the Generator goes offline, that means the nodes do as well, which means any gathering structures you’ve built around them will not be able to gather their resources. And on top of that, if the Generator is shut down, the Roaming City will not be able to move!
  • The Roaming City could be trying to outrun an incoming Frost Storm. If it is caught in it the City will be forced to a standstill but still be able to power itself.
  • There could be two ways to win the scenario: One, you reach an “end-goal” area (like a massive chasm or cave?) that can shelter your people, their supplies, and the Generator from the Storm. Alternatively, you could try and survive the storm like in Endless Mode/the New Home scenario.


This scenario/map would take place on a shoreline bordering a completely frozen-over ocean. What would be unique about this scenario is the fact that you must be considerate of three main factors involving the frozen ocean: the Size of your buildings, the Thickness of the Ice, and the Heat buildings can put off.

  • The Generator and (most) resource nodes will be on solid ground. However, at least more than half of the given half will consist of ice, meaning that if you want to majorly expand you will need to build on it.
  • There are three scenario/map-unique mechanics and factors you must keep in mind when building on the frozen ocean: Ice Thickness, Heat, and Size.
  • The frozen ocean will have spots where the ice is thinner than other spots.
  • If your building is too big, and you build it on a particularly thin patch of ice, it is put at risk of cracking the ice beneath it and sinking into the sea.
  • If your building generates enough heat it can also “damage” the ice and put it at risk of sinking into the ocean.
  • The thinner the ice, the more likely it will crack and destroy any buildings built on top of it if they are too big or produce too much heat. Any destroyed ice can gradually regenerate over time if it is not exposed to heat.
  • Basically, it’ll force you to be mindful of how much heat you output, and where you place your buildings. You can probably buy upgrades so that buildings are smaller/“lighter”, and keep the heat they output more “contained” so that they don’t melt the ice as much or at all.
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