Some inspiration for new players who think this is too difficult

frostpunk screenshot 01x 1024x576 - Some inspiration for new players who think this is too difficult

I did for a few days. Never watched any videos, but just learned. Something about this was just fascinating. Long story short, I just completed a medium New Home game without using any hunters, any bunkhouses or houses (purely tents), had ZERO Londoners even want to leave without me even having to speak, no advanced resource buildings, and 650+ people in the city.

It can be done. I've never even played any games like this before, but wanted to try it because the studio put out one of my favorites, This War of Mine. I thought it was too hard, but then I kept going at it — I kept learning as I went. Pretty soon I nailed down a deathless run and realized, wow, maybe I can go after all these other achievements if I plan. Ideas kept hitting me over and over again until BOOM! I can even knock out Hard level with relative ease now.


It can be done! Don't give up! The feeling of satisfaction I have right now is so worth it. DO IT!

All that said, if any of you players want some tips, feel free to ask. I certainly don't judge! I remember the feeling of "WTF THIS GAME IS INANELY HARD HOW CAN ANYONE DO THIS". Anyway, keep trying and good luck.

edit: Oh and I forgot, I didn't research or build any steam hubs either.


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