some mechanics for the alternate scenarios

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winterhome: you will have to face a choice early on. do you dismantle the old buildings, or do you repair them? dismantling will get you a lot but cause discontent for each. repairing them will give you an upgraded version of each, but you will have to deal with superstition and a long string of events about it. special laws in both purpose trees will help deal with this and generally help honor the dead. eventually in your scouting you can find the new cardiff scout team, and they will only worsen the superstition

refugees: the main issue is of course getting reluctant lords to accept that they actually have to work. if you dont sign either of the children laws, you will eventually get an event where children started trying to help out at various work places. you can now choose a third option, the general apprenticeship. this essentially gives you child shelters with a radius. any workplace within that radius will get an efficiency bonus, but some jobs, such as coal mines, wall drill, and saw mills, will be counted as dangerous jobs which cant benefit from the bonus. the jobs where children are helping will also be able to be staffed by the reluctant lords because of the guilt trip


a new home: other than the workshop radius mechanic explained in other posts, there is also the odd electronic weather regulation machine. as you get it working the radius increases, but you can also build tesla coils which will heat and power a small area, similar to a steam hub. all buildings require power, but you have a limited supply that you can increase. EX a wall drill takes up 2 units of power from a base of 20, as opposed to the 1 unit of a hunters hut.

arks: as you go on you will eventually receive the 3 aid packages that we send off in the arks scenario, but you must get to that point. the weather will be unforgiving, and you will have very few engineers, fewer than any other scenario. you can research the ability to train workers into engineers, but you will have to take some engineers from your limited supply to do the training from the new building, the academy.

the last autumn: you begin with the people who built the generator, but its a bit sub standard, as it was damaged during the dark years. you must get it fully functional before the people of liverpool get here. as you go your lookouts will report an explosion seen on the horizon, around where winterhome was supposed to be. this will cause quite a bit of unrest, as people will start doubting if the generator is even safe long term. this event will take place after the people of liverpool get to the city.


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