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Heaters suck ass, they don't heat homes, and you heat homes only with generator upgrades, why not use steam hubs then? Generator range upgrade loses to steam hubs, tech wise, and is equal or better in coal consumption. Heat efficiency upgrades on steam hubs, generator and heaters are not tech efficient. Overdrive upgrades are nice, but only required in first scenario. Steam hub and generator upgrade are KING! Best tech in all tree. OP.


Depot is good. Faster team are good only when you lack some resource. First scout speed upgrade is nice, with 2 scouts that is enough to sweep all map. Tier 5 speed upgrade comes too late, usually by that time i scouted most places. Third scout team is an overkill, and it also comes too late. Prostheses upgrade, most useless tech in all tree, they are already cheap, and you can produce them fast enough. Whole automaton tree is viable in Seeds scenarion, and somewhat viable in New hope. Automaton cost upgrade is trash. Medical upgrade is meh, it's good in Refugee scenario, but you lack steam cores there to build enough automatons. Engineer automaton is OP.



All workplace insulation upgrades are worthless, just get steam hub, you will still need it anyways. Gathering upgrade is good only when you have resource piles laying around. Thumper is good, if you have lots of workforce, upgrades are meh tho. Coal mines and their upgrades are key, coal mining efficiency upgrades are questionable. Charcoal kilns use wood, wood is scarce, coal can be produced without limits using thumpers. Sawmill is good, you need wood early on, upgrades are meh, since trees are finite resource. I had enough wood just with sawmills, never actually needed wall drill, it's probably good but sawmills do their job. Steelworks are key, only other way to reliable get steel is compounds.

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Food, health, houses.

IMHO flying hunters beat hothouses. Biggest vice of hothouse is steam core efficiency, upgraded version produce 2 times more food, but require 2 cores. In hope scenario i spammed flying hunters to get enough food, in other scenarios food gathering is not an issue. Infirmary is probably good, but i never used it, instead i took radical treatment and overcrowding laws, works as a charm. All my people live in a tents without insulation upgrades, except Hope scenario.

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