Something about the year this game is set in.

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As I'm sure most of you have seen, there are a few locations that your scouts can arrive at that are either an icebound dreadnought or a landing for one (ctrl f "dreadnought").

The official wiki site for Frostpunk says that this game takes place in an alternate 1886. The level of steam technology is understandable considering the situation, but the thing that doesn't match up is the appearance of dreadnoughts.

The HMS Dreadnought entered service in 1906, a full 20 years after the game's setting. Furthermore, the fact that dreadnoughts are referred to more as a class of ships, rather than a single named one, makes it seem like dreadnoughts are already common among the nations of the world. Yesterday, when I was pondering the setting of the game, before I had read any of the media surrounding it (only knowing anything about the setting through playing the game), I had concluded that it was set in between the late 1900's and 1920.


If everything was generally normal up until the summer of 1886, why would they have dreadnoughts? If the point of divergence is indeed that fateful summer of '86, why didn't the developers just change the ship's appearance to something like a more period-accurate type? This seems so silly that the developers didn't just google when the HMS Dreadnought was commissioned. As far as I can tell, the term "dreadnought" is only used to refer to a ship after 1905/6 when the ship bearing that name was being built.

Don't get me wrong. I love this game, but it just seemed wrong and I had to post this to see if anyone else noticed this discrepancy.

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