Spoilers – Has anyone gotten no deaths on Winterhome?

Order 05 1024x576 - Spoilers - Has anyone gotten no deaths on Winterhome?

Didn't want to throw this in the title so as to avoid spoilers but by no deaths I mean after the first wave of 80+ deaths to start the game which are unavoidable.

Trying to do some challenge runs with max dreadnought upgrades and saving 500 on survivor which is doable but I can't for the life of me prevent between 3 and 7 extra deaths on day 1 to do a sort of no death run after that first 80+ death count.

Even building med posts asap for all the sick and increasing heat to lower discontent to the point where radical/sustain can be taken on the morning of day 1 I'm still getting a few deaths day 1. I can't figure out why this is but it seems that even with enough space for the sick and ability to take gravely ill into med posts I still get deaths in the afternoon not sure if it's a pathing issue, I'm doing something wrong, or if it's just destined that there are a few deaths in this scenario from lack of treatment even building up more med posts immediately as the game starts.


Closest I've gotten was from not assigning anyone to work until all med posts were built and staffed but after reloading to test my deaths were still from patients walking to the med posts but not getting there before they died.

Just curious if anyone has some tips on this or is trying a sort of no-death run on Winterhome, this first day is driving me nuts with the RNG compared to the prior 3 scenarios.

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