Steam Hubs really need some tweaking

frostpunk screenshot 06 1024x576 - Steam Hubs really need some tweaking

They are simply too overpowered. Either the steam hubs are overpowered or the generator range upgrade is underpowered. But as it stands, there is absolutely zero reason to research the generator range upgrades. The steam hub is more versataile, as you can place it anywhere. You can use it only at certain times, like only during the night for homes or during the day for work. And even running 24/7 they are 2-3 times more efficient in coal use than the generator with its range upgrades all while being part of things you can research super early and you having to research at least the basic steam hub anyway.

I don't think you can actually play through the game on a harder difficulty without building a steam hub and as such I just assume that everyone researches it anyway. So now you only have 2 kinds of researches to optimize the steam hub, whereas you need. 3 to even get to max range on the generator and another 2 for the efficiency.

The current pro's of Steam hubs are

  • More versataile, can be set everywhere
  • More efficient, you can get ~28 homes into a steam hub level 2 for 6 coal per hour, while you need 12 coal per hour for ~27 homes you can set into the most efficient Range 4 generator upgrade.
  • You can make them even more efficient by only heating homes at night and workplaces at the day, essentially doubling the efficiency they have
  • The research for the basic steam hub is at the very top and the extended one at level 2, whereas the research for the generator range is 1, 3 and 5.
  • The efficiency upgrade only make the generator 20% more efficient whereas the steam hub one makes it 33% more efficient, on top of already being more efficient while also being only 1 instead of 2 upgrade.
  • It only needs 1 tech to cover everything and a maximum of 3 techs for perfection whereas the generator needs 3 techs to not even cover half the map and 5 techs for perfection, while still being worse than a steam hub

The Negatives as of now are:

  • It needs 20 Steel
  • If you build shitty it becomes less efficient albeit usually still more efficient than a generator range upgrade.
  • ???

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