Story of my first time playing Frostpunk

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Hey guys, just played through “New Home” one w/e default difficulty is in 2 days and thought I’d give a little synopsis of my struggle.

Started with a small band of merry men, women and children, rummaging among the boxes and piles of coal strewn about on the snow to gentle violins. The weather was a crisp -20oC, cold but nothing to get worked up about, and my small camp of tents and medical center were nothing to write home about, though cozy. I’m making it through alright – this isn’t so bad. I make it through like this for a while until I realize I actually need to feed my people and set up some hunters as well as my first scouting team. Sending them out into the wasteland was incredibly exciting, an experience of epic proportions.

All things considered, I was progressing through the tech tree with little attention paid to generator power or range. I mainly just used the extension nodes and heaters to supplement my needs. Only around 4 or so people had died at this point and I had barely gone through the faith law tree, having shied away from those which I considered morally reprehensible (faith keeper inquisition, public whipping, etc). My resource stores were stable and my people were happy.


This is when I learned of the coming storm and got hit with a laundry list of tasks to accomplish in order to prepare. This seemed doable… until my farms started shutting down with gradual temperature decreases. I finally invested in the heating tree, but had not planned my city out as optimally as I could have or prepared my resource depots with large stores, so eventually I started hemorrhaging coal as all the improvements automatically activated (didn’t realize this and was frantically trying to provide the bastards with enough food). My food balance was good, with around a 500-600 a day profit to meet my goal of 3000, until while trying to balance 10 other problems I realized that all of my buildings were un-staffing as more and more people lost their lives or limbs to the coming cold (I had legalized amputation).

Then the storm hit. This is where the fun began. I only had about half of my store of food rations and dwindling coal reserves, relying on my 2 automatons mainly. This is where I broke. I formed an inquisition. I executed people. I sent people it their deaths in the cold. I forced them to continue working while manipulating them with religious fervor. I sent people do their deaths in mine collapses. I viewed the deaths building up as a reliever of food stress. I wrote myself into law as a god and executed 1/4 of the population. I sent children into the cold to shore up coal production. All to a building crescendo of violins 🎻

And at the end of it all, I was asked if it was worth the cost, to which I answered:

We survived…

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