Story about the Generator

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Story about the Generator

it started off okay, the first day passed by slowly, and we had plenty of resources, the temperature began to fall slightly, nothing we couldn’t handle, then it started dropping hard, but more steam hubs were placed and the generator was slowly being upgraded, the scouting parties had been established and were bringing Grim news, but a lot of survivors as well, then they approached Winterhome…

It was found it miserably fell apart, and it looked grim for us too. we were having slight food shortages, nothing severe, so our wonderful leader established flying hunters and a hothouse, after that, no more food shortages. A abandoned coal mine was found as well, and so we established an outpost that brought us coal. but slowly, ever so slowly, did religion make its way back to the city, and the Londoners, began to riot and talk and protest, but a majority of our people held tough. Its been a couple weeks since then, and we have made a lot of progression, No longer are we in tents and bunkhouses, but rather proper homes, and our medical posts were outnumbered by Infirmaries.

Not only that but we have two outposts, supplying coal and steam cores, and we have 5 Automatons! working anything related to coal, they are so efficient that we have over 5000 coal stored up! but there was a slight problem, our Generator was not as efficient as our Automatons, and that only meant we had 2 days of coal, but we pushed through, with the thought lingering. We have full blown temples as well, no longer are there only these shrines and small places of worship, but we have a centralized religion! I myself make sure to attend every Sermon!


Those pesky Londoners also managed to convince our fair captain to stock them for the journey back to London, those poor fools, may their deaths be quick and painless. Its been a couple days and recently the scouts have started bringing back refugees, but many are sick, and we don’t have enough medical beds to help them all, worse then that, we are significantly short on housing, leaving over 60 of them to find their own places to sleep, but they do get food, and they still have to work. its been another 2 days now, and the housing issue is only getting worse, but a grove of children are helping the medics with the sick now, and the amputees don’t have to wait for any prosthetic limbs, and we knew the storm was going to be upon us shortly, but we were prepared, with a powerful generator and wonderfully insulated walls, we knew we could take on any temperature! but then, it all went dark, and i could here the screaming and crying of our captain, he screamed ‘THE GAME CRASHED, SHIT,’ and a little later ‘OH FU*K I FORGOT TO SAVE.’ and all the sudden i was in a fascist horribly cold and understocked city, where the captain just said screw it and blew up the generator.

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