Streaming event – 4th Anniversary of This War of Mine !

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Greetings! We're going to start a streaming event for Frostpunk, This War of Mine, and Moonlighter!

With the occasion of the 4th Anniversary of This War of Mine we're creating this amazing event where people will stream the games on any platform they want.

Rules are simple:

  1. Keep it clean, you can stream the game on any platform!

  2. Streaming dates will be 7th of November and 8th of November!

  3. Enjoy and have a lot of fun!

We're doing this to give a huge "Thank you!" to 11 Bit Studios and everyone who contributed to the making and release of the amazing games they released! Behind every game out there is a team of people. Behind every team of people are individuals who work very hard in order to make these games amazing. So on the 4th anniversary, this is about you guys! About each and one of you who contributed to bringing these games to life.

Not to say that we didn't forget when 11 Bit Studios gave free keys to people who torrented This War of Mine because of lack of money.. They did sooo much during the years for the community and to top that, right now they are so transparent with it's followers by using the discord channel, reddit and social platforms (facebook, youtube and twitter).

Now it's the 4th Anniversary of This War of Mine, and it's time that we, as the community, need to give something back! We love you guys. Thanks for all the free content that you released over the years and thanks for being awesome!

If you want to stream any of the 3 games #Moonlighter #Frostpunk #ThisWarofMine please let me know. I need to know your twitch/youtube channel, your reddit or twitter username and some screenshots of the streaming. I would love to have some kind of records or memories of this event later on.

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Please post here if you're interested in the event.

P.S. If you love this event, feel free to join on 14th of November to the Story Telling event that will take place on thiswarofmine ! There are going to be awesome giveaways for the best stories told! And moreover, the devs of 11 Bit Studios will read your stories!

Thank you for being part of this beautiful community,

Yours, CookiesChef


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