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I've had this idea bouncing around in my head since I first picked up Frostpunk and read all the scouting reports regarding dreadnoughts and I finally decided to write out a suggested new scenario that will probably never see the light of day but was fun to write.

The main conceit of the entire affair is that your generator is no longer stationary. It moves at a pace and speed that you can select and upgrade throughout the game. You start in London, and travel North to the Frostland to make a proper settlement, which you will then build with the resources you picked up along the way and the people you managed to save.

Scouting and building are still important parts of the game, but the main idea is to carefully manage your resources, generator stress levels, decide whether to travel or stay put, and eventually pick out a settlement site that you believe you can make it to towards the end of your journey.

Anyway, the rough plan for such a scenario would go something like this:


Leviathan: The Last Dreadnought


Day 1 – 5 – The beginning


Leviathan, the last of the dreadnoughts, is preparing to depart London. Its crew however, are nowhere to be seen, and its cargo hoppers lie empty. Fill them, and find out where the crew has got to.


Gather Coal

Gather Provisions

Create Beacon

Send out Scout Teams


Day 6 – 15 – London, the fallen city


The trip to the Frostlands will be harsh and perilous. Gather enough people and supplies to both endure the journey and found a settlement, and get out of London before the city falls into anarchy.


Continue Gathering Coal

Continue Gathering Provisions

Send out scout teams to collect Leviathan crew

Dilemma: Children or Steam Cores

Dilemma: Workers, Engineers, or Draw Lots

Dilemma: Some want to wait out the storm, leave them, or force them?

Dilemma: Thief caught in the supplies. Lock them up, or let them go?

Dilemma: Steam Cores, or Generator Blueprints

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Build barricades to keep rioters/looters out

Launch Leviathan before rioters/looters steal all your coal / damage the Leviathan.


Day 16 – 30 – Through snow and devastation


Journey to the launch point, where we'll gather the last of the supplies to be had before crossing the icebound sea to the Frostland.


Can only travel during daytime hours

Snowstorms hamper movement across map

Travel North from London to the Frostland launch point

Some stopping points have resources to resupply.

Either utilise 24 hours shifts to gather, or stop over for the day to gather additional resources.

Pick up additional survivors along the way.


Leviathan has various speed settings. Faster speeds burn more coal, stresses generator. Lower speeds burn less coal, don't stress generator, but not fast enough.

Generator also produces heat. Cold temperatures will shut the Leviathan down, unless it's burning hot enough to keep going.

Reach the launch point before you run out of coal or time.


Day 31 – 45 – The Sun Sets on the British Empire


A mighty glacier threatens the Launch Point. Refit and resupply the Leviathan for the journey ahead before the entire area is destroyed.


Shore up the bulwark against the glacier.

Glacier advances across the crater, gradually filling it up, have to work against decreasing amounts of room.

Gather as much launch point supplies as possible for the journey across.

Man the Coal Train for additional coal.

Refit the Leviathan for the ice shelf crossing.

Adjustments for additional supplies, technology, safety gear, etc.

Scout the local area, find any sign of Launch Point crew.

Rescue the survivors at Last Point.

Launch Leviathan before the Glacier destroys Launch Point.


Day 46 – 60 – Ice and Snow


Carefully manage your speed, your heat, your generator stress, and the churn on the ice, and make it to the Frostland.


Travel to the Frostland.

Conserve your coal. No resupply.

Beat the storm at your heels.

Keep people calm.

Various Captain decisions.


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Day 61 – 75 – The Frostland


Find your way to one of a number of potential settlement sites.


Site 1: Resource rich, in the mountains, shortest route, slowest progress getting there, fewest potential resupply points. (Winterhome Canon)

Site 2: Moderate resources, in the plains, mostly easy going route with a few treacherous points, moderate progress getting there, average resupply points. (A New Home Canon)

Site 3: Furthest potential settlement site, far up the coast, long but speedy route, several points of resupply (mostly abandoned dreadnoughts). (The Refugees Canon)

Site 4: Coastal settlement, resource poor but plenty of resources further afield (numerous outpost locations), meandering route that varies in speed and difficulty, intermittent resupply. (New Manchester Canon)

Site 5: Designated Settlement, utterly treacherous route, most difficult journey, resupply opportunities completely randomised, gain additional engineers and resources. (Leviathan Canon)


Day 76 – 124 – The City Must Survive!


Build your city with the resources you've gathered, and survive!

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