Some thoughts and ideas on what I’d like to see in Frostpunk

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‘’Brace yourselves, long post is coming!’’


I have basically done all the game has to offer and even more in the form of my own achievements. So now that I had nothing to do, I’ve made a very long text about things I’d like to see in Frostpunk, maybe in a separate mode seeing as how much all changes made would affect the rest of all the scenarios.

The link provided goes to a google docs document regarding this. Be warned, it is pretty long. So this whole 20-page script is basically trying to think up new mechanics and systems to make the game feel more realistic and intuitive, all while keeping it fun and challenging. By making more mechanics and making them more connected, it creates new strategic opportunities to test players. More events to keep the game fresh and a bunch of other things.

Any other ideas are of course welcome. The point of this whole piece is to make others think about which mechanics would be good additions, and which would not. And, of course, to discuss the game in general. The patch notes below are, believe it or not, a summary of what I’ve made. If any of you see a feature and go ”yeah that would be cool” my time would have been well spent.

Read it if you have nothing better to do today. Grab yourself a drink, a snack, get comfortable and start reading if you like. Feedback is appreciated, as this is my first post ever. I’ve added the feature to add comments in the document, and I hope you will not abuse this. It would be nice to see your thought on this.

patch notes

  • rethinking Frostpunk with the purpose of making it more intuitive and realistic, adding new mechanics that offer more strategic decision making without sacrificing fun
  • Redesigning scouts. Adding an inventory, weight limit and a time limit on their adventure based on resources. Changed how harvesting resources in the Frostlands work. Adding a warmth system for scouts based on their clothes. Changed how escorting survivors works. Fixing traveling between known locations to reach an unexplored node in between. Adding sickness and death to scouts while on their adventures. Adding more random encounters. Removing scout limit.
  • The beacon has to be manned by five engineers to communicate to the Frostland and gives you a forecast of the weather for the coming day. Removed temperature forecasting until the beacon has been installed, and only gives a forecast of the following day.
  • Adding more random encounters and unique locations to the Frostland.
  • More stories about the Frostpunk universe please, involve the community more
  • Reworking the weather. People tend to fall ill isn’t only tied to the temperature, but to the weather too, things like harsh winds or the sun shining. Weather can only be known one day in advance, and can positively or negatively affect some situation, testing the player’s responsiveness and decision-making skills. Kind of like hazards from Endless mode, but less harsh, shorter and more frequent.
  • New resources to make clothing, insulation, and buildings for your people in the form of cloth and fur. Able to grow cotton in hothouses, fur is a side product from hunting. Cotton can be processed into cloth for numerous purposes in a new building: the spinning facility.
  • Reworking how workshops function by having the player upgrade the building after researching the next tier, making rushing through the game’s technology tree harder but in turn allows players to research multiple technologies at once at a greater cost. Adding new looks to each new workshop building
  • Bringing the animation speed closer to the in-game speed by slowing down time significantly, making the pause button irrelevant.
  • Building anything different than tents and a medical post requires a specialized building: the builder’s hut. Building becomes work and no longer happens in off hours, it requires employees. More advanced buildings require more advanced builder’s huts.
  • Like building is in-game now, a facility is only active if people are on site. People that are delayed by whatever reason decrease the efficiency
  • Removes the need for some buildings to be connected to roads. Roads become more expensive, but have actual benefits like heat and faster travel time.
  • Beneficial buildings form laws like care houses and child shelters now require employees. Child shelters can help in both medical buildings and workshops, but have reduced boosts to efficiency and can make mistakes. All buildings and workplaces try to stay warm by burning a little wood. Quality of life heaters, able to adjust by how much the heater raises heat level.
  • Providing shelter for your people is now far more important, as the wind plays a huge factor in getting sick. If there isn’t enough shelter, people will overcrowd, raising discontent.
  • People need to sleep enough, if for whatever reason they don’t get enough sleep, they will have a drop in efficiency and are prone to make mistakes. Overtime is reworked, no longer just a free 40% efficiency bonus, but people get less sleep and prolonged use makes people very likely to make mistakes.
  • Sick people who only have a fever can recover by taking rest at home if it is warm enough, but this takes longer than a medical post. Recovering at home has a chance of contaminating others. If overcrowded, this risk is extremely high. Sick people in medical post won’t contaminate others unless the overcrowding law has been signed. Gravely ill cannot recover at home or at medical posts unless laws have been signed.
  • Injury is caused by workplace accidents. Deep cuts, flesh wounds, fractured bones. Some can be treated, while others result in amputation. These injuries will have a different icon and recovery time from normal sick people. People who have recovered after an accident can’t work in unsafe workspaces for a while until the injury further heals. Only things like cookhouses or public house are possible for these people. Putting injured people in unsafe workplaces hampers recovery, lowers their efficiency and can cause accidents, to themselves or others.
  • Food is changed. Weather makes growing or hunting for food better or worse depending on the type. People now need both meat and crops for a well-balanced meal. Only one and negative effects will occur. Rations are changed to meals and rations. Meals have to be made on the spot, rations can be stocked. Reworking the cookhouse and public house to have a maximum capacity of people they can handle at a time.
  • Resources aren’t magically consumed or added. Transport of items has to occur. Depending or whether you built roads or what transport you have (carts, sleds) this can affect the rate at which you gain resources (buildings will still produce the same, you just won’t see the numbers go up as often).
  • Remove resource depots and replace them with stockpiles. Illogical how a building half the size of the stockpiles can only hold a fifth in the beginning. Players can manually pick what resources can be stocked in these stockpiles (only coal, or a mix of things). With the resource transport mechanic, players will have to strategically place stockpiles
  • Will mod support come out? Is there a way for the community to contribute to the game?
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Hope to see your thoughts about it. Thanks to 11bit studios for making a game I am passionate enough about to even do something as stupid as writing a 20-page document. I put more effort into this than most of my papers for university… Exponentially so. But 11bit, I hope to see many great things from you in the future!

-Sincerely, a happy gamer

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