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I didn't see an official pinned suggestion thread, it would be cool to have one!

Anyways here are some things that I think would be cool. Sorry if some have already been suggested or confirmed.

– Make the player an actual character or person in the city. (possibly add the ability to pick and choose who receives health care, who lives in which houses, who is actually at a specific location working that job etc.)

– Let us zoom in more, like to street level! PLEASE.

– Instead of having resources automatically go into our storage, have the citizens have to walk it to storage themselves, this could make the game more difficult as there is time between them gathering and storing things.


– Let us revoke laws we've signed in the past after a certain amount of time.

– It would be cool to delve deeper into the societal structure and political elements (choice of totalitarian or religious society is a good idea and should be expanded upon)

-Add more ability to raise forces etc, could actually add elements of having to fight other cities for resources.

These are just some that I think could be a cool addition to the game. I'd love to hear any comments or criticisms, as well as suggestions and ideas.

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