Summary of my third and fairly successful main playthrough, with a minor annoyance

frostpunk screenshot 01x 1024x576 - Summary of my third and fairly successful main playthrough, with a minor annoyance

So I'm nearing the end of the storm with 628 survivors in my third game on medium difficulty. A few died in mining accidents earlier and in the beginning I sent a few survivors without escort to get early steam cores to build automatons and mines. Up until the storm I used only coal mines, wall drillers and steel mines. But in the middle of the storm I had to research and build two coal thumpers because I underestimated my coal storage of 20 000 as I didn't want to send any people to repair the coal mines from shutting down.

– No extended shifts (though a few emergency ones to keep up with research).

– No form of food rationing.

– I used a snow pit for bodies to be on the safe side to make up for not having any extended shifts. However I didn't use bodies as fertilizers nor did I build any hot houses.

– Didn't go very deep into the order tree, I had guard posts and a propaganda center and morning gatherings, and avoided abusing the citizens.

– I left no survivors to die outside the city nor did I rob / kill anyone.

– I discovered and scouted all landmarks.

– I didn't save/reload at any time.

– Nobody died during the storm (with one exception read below*).

*However during the end of the storm (where the screenshot is taken) even though managing my generator overdrive I was still forced with the option of sending a child to fix it, use a steam core, or let the city explode. It felt kind of a cheap way to force me into a moral decision but obviously I sent the child to fix it as I was out of steam cores, I disbanded my Tesla City outpost once I had enough automatons for my infirmaries and had no more steam cores.


Hilariously enough it kind of balanced out as the man with the missing daughter whom I equipped to go search for her all of a sudden came back with her alive. How the hell they made it back from outside the crater when it was 120 degrees minus and had been below 100 for days still puzzles me, but it was a nice turn of event all the same after having to send that poor child to fix the generator from blowing up.

All in all I feel like I succeeded pretty well, but at the same time it felt a lot less accomplishing never having to resort to any of the extreme measures in the game in order to survive, or having to endure any catastrophic turn of events like in my two previous playthroughs.

I am now planning on upping the difficulty and play through the the main scenario again followed by the other scenarios. How much of a difficulty bump should I expect? Any chances of pulling my hair and biting my nails again like in my first two games?

Anyway it's been a tremendously fun game to play and I bet I'll keep going for quite a few more playthroughs. I had in mind to attempt an adaptation-only challenge (if that is possible without the game forcing an ending on you).

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