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Been enjoying the difficulty of Survivor mode and thought I'd share some observations for the 3 various scenarios:

New Home

Teching is important. With the 24hr shift hunter nerf + survivor penalties, your workforce's productivity is seriously affected.

Hunting Tactics (-5 Hunters) alleviates the pain significantly. Child labour is your friend

Not too hard, managed to stockpile 30k coal and 10k food for the end.

The Arks

Scouting is super important. Normally your first scout brings back some coal/wood/steel; but in this scenario, hitting the first 3 locations bring u resources, an Automaton, and Factory tech You dont even need to be T2 to build that sweet sweet factory.

Building Placement – Since population/space requirements are nonexistent, you can get some free heating by placing your Cooking right next to your generator. Note that hothouses are too "big" and don't get heated by the generator even if touching

Seek Arks – Take a full day or so to freeze, you can turn off the heating for 1/2 the time to keep it perpetually balanced at 1/2 coal cost. Be ware of incoming temperature drops though.

Hope – Can't get any hope with no purpose laws. So be very careful about making promises you can't keep. I would rather take the discontent hit than gamble with 1/4 of my hope bar. If you reach 0 hope you basically lose: they'll give you 2 days to raise hope to 15% but outside of a series of very lucky events its basically impossible.

Saved New Manchester with 3 days to spare. Coal thumpers were essential.


The Hardest by far. Scouting RNG plays a huge role. Basically you're gonna run into food problems from the get go, so you're obligated to get a hunter hut/cookhouse first night.

If you're lucky, your scouts will discover the Cannery with 375 cooked food (Abandoned Camp -> Windswept Snowfield/?->cannery) and return in time to save your starving populace.


If you're particularly fortunate, your scouts will encounter a coal mine in the north east of your city just as you begin to run out of coal. An outpost there yields 800 coal/day which is a massive boon. For comparison a T3 coal mine yields 900/day and a steam coal thumper yields similar with 4 gathering posts. Needless to say that covers your coal problems till the late game.

With your massive (and often sick) populace and lack of engineers, your tech will suffer. One way to slightly alleviate this is to run a skeleton crew on your medical outposts during the day, and throw all engineers onto workshops. At night (if you're not running a 24hr shift), move them all to medicals/infirm. Its Hunters 2.0

Use 24hr shifts freely on your workshops. Its the only way to make progress.

The lack in tech will probably translate to a lack in automatons. This is where the 2nd child labour law – all jobs will help. As your workers go to hunt at night, kids man the steel works and wall drills…

Due to the severity of the cold, the lack of tech and resources, I was never able to offer more than tents + steam hub to my populace. Bunkhouses were an option but there were always more pressing concerns. Again I rejected every request to keep accommodation "liveable"

Accepted all the lords. Juggling discontent/hope can be trick. If that's causing you lots of grief consider the Totalitarian despot route – Hope is not a problem anymore and the public execution platform removes a ridiculous amount of discontent.

Final Note on Coal Thumpers vs Charcoal Kiln vs Coal Mines.

Steam coal thumper + 4 gathering posts(ignoring gathering effic): 896/day. Requires 10 workers and 40 kids in gathering posts (for scenarios with children its essentially free). Ideal for New Home and Refugees.

Advanced Coal Mines: 900/day. Requires 10 workers only. Costs 3 steam cores though. Ideal for Ark.

6x Charcoal Kilns: 900/day. Requires 30 workers. Also costs a tremendous amount of wood.

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