Terrible techs and laws

frostpunk 2 - Terrible techs and laws

There are a lot of decent to great techs and laws in the game, certainly enough to give some flexibility on build order. And then there are some albatrosses; not necessarily bad all the time but certainly not worth the opportunity cost. While these might be more relevant in endless mode or harder difficulty settings, I found little utility from them for the time /cost to unlock them.

Bad techs Gathering insulation- by the time you get it your gathering posts have probably cleared the map. Unless you are going to focus coal Thumpers it feels like kind of a waste.

Infirmary mechanization- Engineers are useful, but just how many infirmaries are you gonna have? The hunter hut version at least makes sense since you need a LOT of them.

Generator/steam hub range- the noob trap, it's simply more efficient to have range 1 gen with a few extra steam hubs than push their range. This actually bothers me because it seems like it should be the other way around.

Big Supply Depot- Maybe in Endless mode it would be worth bothering to take this, but I never needed it in any of the campaigns. The building itself has a hefty cost and as an extra fuck you the supply depot bonus from the previous tier doesn't apply! So if you unlock this you've basically made the previous upgrade obsolete. They should have rearranged the sequence by having big supply depot be T3 like it is and extra capacity be a side T3 upgrade that applies to both or something.


Cheaper /faster automatons/prosthetics- I feel like the math would favor eating the higher cost in favor of getting automatons a few days earlier instead of holding out to build them cheaper.

Bad laws Cemetary/funerals–Ideally you're avoiding deaths so the hope mitigation wouldn't do much, and you miss the opportunity to get organ transplants in the process.

Sustain Life- not bad, but it just feels like a useless speed bump on the way to care home /prosthetics.

Extended shifts (in the DLC) – the problem here is that you have Dual shifts as an alternate option, which just seems far and away so much better.

Dispensary- Feels redundant, might as well just get an Infirmary which will be more useful.

Food for Workers ability- the food cost seems REALLY steep. You could argue it's because it affects all the generator buildings, but it's likely only relevant on one, maybe two at a given time.

Collective Bargaining–I've NEVER been in a situation with two strikes going on, and you can't use it with only one. Maybe on the harder difficulty settings?

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