Thank you Frostpunk developers!

frostpunk city 1024x576 - Thank you Frostpunk developers!

I realize this has probably been posted before, but Frostpunk delivered several experiences I've very scarcely felt gaming before. Huge props/thanks to anyone on the dev team – visual arts, balance, soundtrack, whoever. It all came together to create a sense of affecting real people in a dire situation in a real place.

The two most intense moments I had in A New Home were in the stage just before the Storm hits (The music here is hugely tension building!).

1) The race for resources, especially food. Food stores hadn't been an issue all game, and then suddenly when I needed a stockpile I became so fearful that I would lose – and that it would be through slow painful death by starvation.

2) The most impactful moment was racing my two scouting teams across to those last sites in this stage of the game. I dishonorably abandoned/sent unescorted each survivor outpost I came across, in the tragic wish that a future site would have meager food stores or coal. I felt real, actual shame and panic at squeezing the last resources from all the unexplored sites before the Storm wiped everything out.


Literally the only gripe I have is that I read a comment here recently about hunter/worker micromanagement to abuse day/night cycle in harder modes…. hearing about that makes me not even want to attempt higher difficulties because it's so anti-immersive.

Anyway, playing A New Home was such an experience that I can't even bring myself to play the other two scenarios (Even though I'll definitely replay A New Home). I'm not sure why, but it's as if seeing all the visual assets/tech trees again in a different scenario will kill the feeling of managing a real thing. And again, huge thanks to anyone on the production team for making Frostpunk happen.

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