The Army Warehouse is the main fail of this DLC (also, other critics of this DLC, possible spoilers

frostpunk 3 - The Army Warehouse is the main fail of this DLC (also, other critics of this DLC, possible spoilers

I already put this on the Steam forums but I think that can be interesting put it hear For me the DLC has been dissapointing and I think that one of the biggest issues is the Army Warehouse. The reason is that is nothing special. New London just send an expedition to put a colony extracting steel and then Steam Cores. Steel is a basic resource that we extracted from Steelworks and Steam Cores…yes they are rare but we got plenty of them in Tesla City and Frostland. Being the Warehouse a centerpiece of the DLC I think i would have been better with another mechanics and more integrated in the lore

A: Generator Componentes: New London wanted the componentes to repair his generator or to expand. This would improved the plot, because you will have the choose to help London in his expansion or build a generator for your colony, obtain independence and help the other setllements build their own B: Seeds: This could be an alternative to the ark project to protect the seeds C: Vehicles and materials for infrastructure building: London would want the componentes to build their own infrastructure. Your mission beyond pick resources for the generator would be build infrastructure for New London. You would have the option to build infrastructures for you and the other settlements D: Steam tanks and weapons: Something like C. In this option new London would want to obtain supremacy over the Frostland after the discovery of the settlements and orders you to extract and prepare the weapons. The alternative to obey them would be arm yourselve and the settlements Bonus: Find something about the great frost in the warehouse would be nice. What about a hint about a doomsday device that was the reason of the frost? If this Warehouse and the ruins were the rests of an experimental place and we find on it blueprints of componentes of the Safronn Cloud Device would be a nice touch

I think than this options are best because they are something better and create something not like the railroad plot where you are automatic expeled from New London and you are on your own until New London comes asking for help.


Other critics 1) This DLC fails as a Sequel. The only thing is being a bit of a sequel to a New Home. I say a bit because we don't know the actual situation of the city after the storm. Who won? Faith? Order? No one? Why we can not choose what ideology domines the city? And what about the other cities? As a sequel i wanted to know about A: Arks: What happen to them? In this DLC an interesting option would be contact with this place and get his seeds to be able to buy Hothouses in your colony. About this I find stupid that we can't build hothouses in the colony. Unstable terrain? Hell, we have been able to buy Coal Tumpers that create sismic waves and big buildings like the Coal Mines B: Refugees: Be able to contact with them and know their actual situation would be nice C: The Winterhome Dreadnought: One of our favourites. We were hoping to know more about their actual fate D: The Last Autumn generator: What is their actual situation? Did they put a city there? E: The French Project: We know that was big in scale and was cancelled partially but we don't know more about it. What was his purpouse? Does it has more rests?

2) I like the new settlements to contact but would prefeer a few be the colonies we played in the other scenarios, like contact the arks for food, the refugess for manpower. The Winterhome dreadnought could be the transport. They got experience moving big loads between the frostland. In exchange for getting a few of them in the cities and supplies they will transport whatever you need between cities/colonies.

3: No New Laws. I miss new laws. A few of them from TLA at least would be nice. like the crowded quarters

4: Lack of options: The game is a raildroad plot. The first choice where you choose what to do with the office clerks it's horrible. It's like John Jackson and Jack Johson.

5: The clerks social class. It looks like something flawed…I mean, looks they wanted that people has a bigger role but in the end it's cut content or something

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