The Children of Ra

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"Our father, the Sun, has watched over us since the ancient days of the Earth's creation. He has keps us strong since before we were even standing erect, and he has guided us on our path to being the great people we are. But now, in his time of need, it is our turn to be his saviors. Our scientists may have found a way to revitalize our dying sun, and now we must give our all to ensure this holy mission is successful".

I came up with this idea for a scenario partly because I finially finished a decent New Home playthrough while filling out the Faith tree, and because I remembered the scours finding notes in the Observatory that says the sun is dimming.

The idea is that this generator is under the control of a sun worshiping cult called the Children of Ra, who have also learned of the sun's dwindling nature, and believe they have finially found a way to get the sun going again: a bloody great rocket with a payload of all sorts of chemical creations. It's the job of the Children not only to survive, but to keep pace with constructing the rocket by meeting various milestones such as manufacturing and loading enough fuel or making sure the launch site is prepared, and also dealing with setbacks such as a storm damaging the rocket and repairs being needed.


This scenario would be restricted to Faith due to the society being a sun cult, and would have some extra research options such as needing to research a Fuel Plant to start making fuel. They'd also have to deal with survivors coming in who may not share their particular brand of worship, and they may do things like riot and try to break the rocket or convince people to leave these "crazy cultists" and find somewhere else to be, much like the Londoners. They'd also have to juggle between day to day survival and the rocket project, something like "the scientists have discovered that creamiting bodies in a certen way can make rocket fuel a lot faster, so do we start doing that with bodies knowing it'll make Disconnect shoot up and will negate all our previous policies about bodies, or do we keep whatever policies we had in regards to bodies and give up an advantage in terms of manufacturing a critical resource?"

Read:  When to enable the generator - studying illness and heat.

Overall, I just thought it was an interesting story idea, and I like the aspect of having to juggle between normal survival and furthering the holy mission to save the sun.

So what do you guys think of my brainchild?

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