The City Can’t Survive: Tried every single technical fix and Frostpunk cannot start new game.

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Preface: New to reddit, and I don't know how to make paragraph breaks in a post (it seems like they aren't recognized when composing/editing). Apologies in advance.

"Sir, a loyal 11-bit customer has been trying for days to get Frostpunk to work with his desktop system to no avail. He is frustrated and dismayed and demands satisfaction. What shall we do?"

All right, I'll give the specs of my rig right up front before I delve into it.

Windows 7 64-bit SP-1 Intel Core i5 4670K 3.40 GHz Haswell 4-core 8 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT 740 GT 2 GB video RAM

The graphics card is a new addition I bought specifically, and solely, to play Frostpunk. I fell in love with This War of Mine and it's one of my favorite games of all time. That game had no problem playing on an average laptop, which is what I use most of the time for both work/play and most everything internet related. I'm not a hardcore gamer interested in AAA titles or most newer games; I'm strictly into newer indie titles that launch on GOG or older formerly big-name games from the 90s–mid-00s era roughly, that GOG so lovely curates and re-releases on their platform, Criterion Collection-like, making me a loyal customer for life.

Every single thing I've tried results in the same result; I can initially launch the game, it loads up the main menu, but upon clicking A New Home it crashes to desktop with the same error message each time:

APPCRASH in Frostpunk.exe

This particular desktop usually sits in place without access to internet, which I use stricly as a movie/music repository and for some offline gaming (again, thanks GOG). So after connecting it to a LAN and going through an intensive cycle of updating and troubleshooting, here is a list of everything I have tried:

Updated every single obsolete driver on my machine and updated to each and every current windows patch, important and optional.

Re-installing DirectX runtime packages, and un-installing/re-installing several different Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages, both x86 and x64 versions (2010, 2013, 2017). This fixed the missing MSVCP120.dll and MSVCP140.dll error messages, however not my ultimate problem.

Installed the KB4019990 update manually that causes the "d3dcompiler_47.dll is missing" error. Again, this fixed one issue, but not the most vital one. For good measure, also manually updated the KB2670838 update too I've seen listed as a recommended fix in some places.

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Re-installing .NET framework to latest version (4.7.1).

Turned off "Virtual Memory" in the system settings of Control Panel.

Turned of anti-aliasing in the GeForce control panel (all this did was take away my visual, the game launched with sound only).

Run game as administrator.

Run game in windowed mode.


I even ran the silly "GeForce Experience" utility than came with the driver disc that was mailed with my graphics card, to try to "optimize" the game. It, however, could never find Frostpunk on my machine, even when I specifically pointed it to the directory, which I can only surmise has to do with this being the GOG version of the game, and not STEAM.

No Dice. Hope falls. Discontent Rises.

From my intensive scouring of forums and the internet it seems these launch problems are linked to compatibility issues with GeForce graphics cards. If that is the case I would have bought a Radeon AMD card in a heartbeat, and am now kicking myself for not (I timed my online order to coincide with release day–I had no way of knowing). It's been several years since I really bothered to buy a graphics card and I think I chose GeForce just because I've used them in the past. I didn't want an ultra-cheap card nor the newest, latest, greatest and most expensive card because, like I said, I bought it solely to play Frostpunk (basically turning a $30 purchase into a $130 one), and just needed one to meet the minimum requirements and then some, enough to comfortably run it on medium-ish settings.

Now, I have been able to play Frostpunk in some regard–specifically, believe it or not, on my daily home laptop that isn't a gaming laptop by any means. It's an i5Core 5200 2.20 2-core ASUS laptop that runs–get ready–integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics. Nowhere near recommended system specs for this game.

And yet! I was able to get the game to install and play, actually straight after the GOG installer was done, no additional tinkering required.

Even on the bare minimum low graphic settings it's barely functional. To say it plays at a crawl is an insult to the long-suffering denizens of your city with amputated limbs who hobble along at a legitimate crawl. Horrifically jerky, obscenely stuttering, sickly snail-like zooming and camera rotation with the grace of a drunken hippo.

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And yet! It is an utterly enthralling, engrossing single-player experience, and I loved every minute of it to bits. Absorbing, atmospheric, ambient, challenging, provocative. Name your adjective–it nails it.

But eventually even I, tolerant and obsessive as I am with this game, had to stop because the game was simply TOO unplayable after awhile after you have erected major hubs of industry and housing at around the 20-day mark.

So if anyone reads this, thanks for reading thus far, and if there is some innovative solution out there someone can cook up, I'm all ears and will be forever grateful. Until then I guess all I can do is (a) wait for a patch to hammer out this launch problems or (b) return my graphics card and go with a Radeon instead.*

*I joined reddit (long-time lurker) solely to implore the community for aid. God forgive me.

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