The Curious Case of the Crispy Martha Crisp

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So I was trying a deathless run and I get a message that a person died right when it gets colder on day 15, even when I built an infirmary that should have been in time to save them, and they should've been cared for in my care home anyways (sustain life law).

Turns out Martha Crisp, wife of Bert Crisp, never showed up for her shift in the sawmill over a week earlier, possibly two (Bert worked at the same sawmill). Neither Bert nor his coworkers made a fuss, despite Martha not returning to her tent for the night either. Says something about their relationship I suppose.

So where was Martha? Apparently, constructing the chimney of my first medical post. So committed was she in her task that she remained engrossed in it long after the medical post remained operational. I can only imagine what sort of art she was constructing there, perhaps some great mural, or perhaps a religious charm. Moved she not for over seven days and seven nights. The spirit she put forth in her task was great enough to even forestall the Grim Reaper himself for almost five days. It is not known whether she succeeded or failed, but today her story strikes fear and awe into our hearts. Awe for resisting death in this very medical post. And fear…for no one knows quite what she was doing there at the rear of the post, on the very edge of the generator's range, where for some nights in the very inch she was standing on her ladder…it was cold.


On my save from Day 10, I could deconstruct the medical post and she would be ill, but alive. Deconstructing the post on Day 13-14 would snap Martha Crisp out of her reverie, and her body already encased in a thin layer of ice (except her shoulders and arms which constantly labored) would fall dead. She was there as early as Day 6, but I didn't have a save before that. The action she was supposedly taking was "Going to build" (at least until she was beyond saving, when she also supposedly attempted other actions, while remaining on her ladder). Martha probably have been fine if she just went to her sawmill like she was supposed to, even though that wasn't the warmest place to be either.

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