The Most Intense Gaming Experience In My Life

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - The Most Intense Gaming Experience In My Life

Jumped into Last Autumn on Surival mode, have not played survival, I did beat the game first day of release.

Sided with the engineers, I was hours late on stage 3 of the generator after being hours late on stage 1 as well, so got sacked by the boss.

Jumped in again after some months, same scenario and survival mode.Holy hell, I was unsure on all of the new content all and all, and forgot many things from the first attempt. I never thought about building gathering posts for all the starting resources laying on the ground, thus being behind the power curve, and I finally sided with the Labor Union.

I did not know (forgot the hints) that the fumes are gone after stage 3, Now I had thrown much time and resources in finishing ventilation tree. This created a problem that I sat on too much coal I figured, and had 50new workers on the way with the last ship before the ice. I figured I needed them to work them to death in deadly conditions since I would never have enough coal to run the ventilators after the ice came. And i prayed that no more script explosions would come.

So I sat with stage 3 complete, 9 days to go. 250 pop, hundred dock workers unemployed and too much coal. I never and would never upgrade anything but braziers and some upgrades to braziers in the temperature tree.

I thought I was a goner, I am usually good at strategy games but it looked I made the wrong decision, I might have too many to feed and too many beds to warm now. And I never knew that it would fall to -60 degrees Celsius.

The shipwreck did not yield steel fast enough for the last parts of the generator shell, and I had to deconstruct 80% of the city for the steel, or else risking not finishing the work in time. The storage, docks and workplaces were not needed now anyhow, and I thought I had enough of everything but steel.

The rest of the city I had to reconstruct, spread out hospitals were not working in the cold, cooks did not work either, had to clump them together with a brazier, but once the level 2 brazier was done the temperature had dropped so much the hospitals/cooks did not work anyhow. Also misunderstood much of the brazier UI.

After all braziers were done I saw then that coal would only last 15hours, and still had many days of work left. For what felt like eternity I turned braziers on and off constantly, moving buildings and piling bare workers on cold coal piles with 1k coal left. Hundreds of sick, people dying in masses every minute and I still had much to do, the church bell ringing for the dead was a constant rhythm to the music the final hour.


Motivation had been until now as high as it can get, but then fell through the floor. Crackdowns with the militia on 2 revolts, and the third could no longer be cracked down for some reason, and I was forced to pick the option of restoring discontent within 2 days. The first rebellions day42ish scared me into finally taking TERROR policy, so the motivation was up again from an execution, the extra work speed could maybe save me as well.

When the generator was 3% away from done…STRIKE, I don't remember how I solved it, I had a thousand raw food but no meals as bribe duo to temperature. I had to research charcoal rather than temperature upgrades as my last research, for a chance of survival, burning up all buildings apart from my tents.

220dead from cold and selfless sacrifice work policy, I am microing short shifts for 10% efficiency into long shifts every day(To my surprise, which the workers noticed and complained). Filling up the generator workspace with more bodies when I can and notice, since its losing bodies fast, lucky I had ordered the extra 50 bodies and had all that extra coal after all.

On the last day my chief engineer was executed for stepping on the militias toes, so he was blamed for old faults on the generator as an excuse. The music has been pumping, and finally I made it, so I thought, the generator done day44, 3 executions all and all, its 3am in the morning IRL, I stood up from adrenaline, I read the end screen and understood I still had to wait for evacuation a day away. OH NO!

I looked over at the mission table and saw that evacuation is coming in 23hours, and my promise to restore order has to be complete by…..1 day and 4 hours away.

Can this be it I thought, will I make it? Or can I lose by some other mean? City in as much chaos as it can be.

Evacuation came, 30 workers evacuated. 240ish workers/engis dead.Finished without permanent damage to the generator, but no extra upgrades, enough for 500 people with poor chance of making it. I am sure others have done better, but I had the greatest frostpunk experience.

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