The reason I imagined “why Tesla City was collapsed” ( + Why was New London empty without anyone? )

3890 1024x576 - The reason I imagined "why Tesla City was collapsed" ( + Why was New London empty without anyone? )

Tesla City's Past:

a technocratic city with a strong scientific power.

(even the name of the city was named after Tesla, the chief engineer.)

Prior to the Cold Wave, established in the early stages of the cold wave.

Under the efficient management of a leader called the Savior,

There was plenty of supplies.

It was a city where even "steamcore" could be produced.

(Very High Cost)

But somehow,

It turns out that coal reserves are far less than expected

Call for help in New London, where people are already living.

(Urban Level Intermediate )

Propose "trade coal with steamcore"

But the English refuse to trade,

Rather, it's an opportunity to take coal as a weak point and colonize Tesla City.

They've been negotiating again ever since.

When they visited, they were trying to arm themselves.

The leader, who was called the Savior, went mad.

(by fear of being like any other colony in old London)

Gathering engineers who support him.

Produce "Army Automaton"

pre-emptive invasion of New London

Exterminate them.

But many of them in New London have fled.

(about 300 people)

To make sure they can't come back and rebuild their base.

Dismantling and taking away all the bases except the city's generators as much as possible

In fact, it was very successful, and people became bear food after the infighting.

(This is why New London was empty.)

During this course,

A leader falls into great self-hate + human disbelief + human fear.

Later, while they were checking the records in New London,

They find out the existence of "Winterhome."

They sent an advance team to contact them,

Winterhome, first reported to the advance team, was a "militarized city" where the Great Riots were taking place.

The "fear of humanity" of a leader gets worse,


(Contact held.)

A few days later, when they heard they were repairing the "Dreadnotes,"

The leader is paranoid that the militarists will be like New London when they come here.

"Winterhome" punitive measures by military automaton are placed on the table

Based on solid preparations, the annihilation of the entire army was planned.

Those who opposed the plan were overpowered by force.

In addition, the leader seeks to stabilize Tesla City by finding and colonizing other cities far away.

Meanwhile, the chief engineer, Tesla,

Propose a solution to the coal shortage

"Electrical Barrier" provides an alternative to wind protection and temperature retention


But this blueprint is,

Only a small change could turn it into a Tesla coil with lightning in the city.

Tesla's plan is on the way.

playing the front man of a leader

All those who oppose the leader's words will be deported.

(in the hope that they will somehow survive)

(But they can't go to New Home because of the cold wave and many bad luck.)

Soon the electric barrier switches on.

It wasn't a barrier that worked, it was a bunch of lightning strikes.

(This switch, with its life-threatening courage and a little wisdom, can be turned off.)

Tesla and his associates almost escaped.

Tesla was shot dead by a chaser.

The escape is successful, but most of them are wounded, so they give up going to New London, hiding in a pretty warm cave found by a helper hunter.

Later, the New Home Expedition found them.

Thirty-five survivors were rescued to New Home.

But actually, half of them are engineers.

They know how to build a steam core and code to restart the machine.

To be sure that the New London leader is "never crossing the line."

If the leader crosses the line,

The engineers will be quiet forever.

To turn steamcore manufacturing technology into Lost Technology forever

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