Theorycrafting best research priorities for The Last Autumn and Endless Builder

frostpunk 2 - Theorycrafting best research priorities for The Last Autumn and Endless Builder

Post here your best research priorities and why they helped you beat the scenario/endless. I've only beaten TLA once (barely) on hard and "beaten" (constructed the gen and stabilized) endless builder twice on extreme, so i've got a little bit more experience on the latter.

Some questions to help deciding what's best on TLA:

Scouts or fishing harbor for food? Scouts require no advanced research but use more people and the food is not as constant, so you'll need to supplement with fishing later anyways. Fishing harbor requires drawing boards, so you'll definitely be out of food when researching it (i miss emergency shifts).

Sawmills or docks for wood early? Docks require double the amount of workers, but i really struggled with wood shortage later on when the docks are unusable.

Gathering posts or stations for unloading the docks? Gathering posts are less efficient but require no steam cores or research. However, to have the same productivity you'll need more people and, in turn, more food.

When do you start researching generator stuff? Is it best to start making the specific resources as soon as you finish researching the 1st building or is it better to research the safety and efficiency upgrades?

Now for endless builders:

As with other scenarios/endless endurance, i rushed wall drill, since i really like the constant supply of wood for everything else. However, since you have a lot of wooden ruins and a larger inicial supply of wood (even on extreme), it seems to me like there's more variety in the builder start. I can see a beacon start being really good or even faster gathering/hunter's tools.


Hothouses or hunter's huts? In my first playthrough i went for hothouses, but in my second one i had much more success with hunters. They are more labor intensive, but since you don't need as much coal, you've got plenty of idle workers, and i used all of the remaining steam cores for infirmaries, while prioritizing heaters and medical insulation for the storms.

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When do you start actually building the generator? In my two runs i first "stabilized" my healthcare and food before researching everything at once, at around day 30. It's very important to be able to keep healthcare working with insulation + heaters during the storms. In my first run i finished the generator after the day ~50 storm, and in the second one i managed to finish it before the storm.

So what i found most success with was something like (immediately building and staffing the workshop day 1):

drawing boards > wall drill > hunter's tools > heaters > beacon > more scouts > tier 2 upgrade > faster scouts > medical post upgrade > infirmary > do what you want, it should already be much easier by now

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