Thoughts after first playthrough (spoilers beware)

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I've been playing Surviving Mars a fair bit over the past month, so a caveat that perhaps that game has shaped some of my thoughts here:


-I found the game pretty easy in the end – I focused heavily on research early and didn't invest much in what seemed to be early stopgaps. I had a lot of early amputations as a result, about 25 or so. I built 2 workshops almost immediately and quickly teched up the infirmary which basically solved everything until the refugees.

-Hope and Discontent seemed too easy to manage without much trouble, except during the early days of the Londoners. Churches, healing houses, child sanctuaries all made it easy for me. -All of my non-food resources and workshops had constant extended shifts, except a few days for the "give them a break" event

-I got the Londoners down to 2 with 3-4 days left and then they just stayed that way. In doing so I crossed the line by agreeing to implement the faith commanders and give them their extra the storm was ending I became the Pope just because I thought it was funny.

-I finished with over 500 people surviving – I lost a fair number of the refugees but once the storm hit it was smooth sailing.

-Food never seemed to be much of an issue – a few hunters and a cookhouse with soup was sufficient until the end when I needed to stockpile, at first I panicked and thought I would never survive because I only had 500 food but I built a ton of flying hunters to compensate and by the end had 6k food, I think they only ever ate half of that.


-I found the scenario pretty lackluster overall, I was honestly expecting more challenges to come through – most of the little stories didn't impact much one way or another; I guess I just expected a storm at the end and wasn't surprised.

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-I liked the Londoners challenge but was hoping to see more from it, like maybe they make good points such that even I'm considering it..or they split off and restart the other city and now it's a rival thug group who wants my resources I have to deal with somehow.


-It felt halfdone, like they threw a bit of a story on top of a sandbox city builder to make it more interesting. The events just felt like the mysteries in Surviving Mars, which has a bit more going on for it.


-this was probably my biggest complaint – after 200ish people and infrastructure, it all started to blend together, and I couldn't find anything anymore. Everything was a sea of brown which was hard to distinguish. I kept having to go to the build menu to highlight where my infirmaries were so I could feed them double rations, when the refugees hit, which was really annoying. The circular aspect just didn't help, especially at night. I even had difficulties finding the temple I built.

-there were also a lot of actions I wish had better hotkeys/automation – my last few days were just whack-a-mole on 9/10 buildings to keep them fully populated. Click, find the up arrow, click. This would probably have helped many of my frustrations with finding buildings. -The camera zoom was also not great – I didn't like the autocorrect of the angle, and found it often difficult or slow to be able to see what I was doing. I'm not sure if the roads are bugged or if it was a camera angle thing, but sometimes I would build a road and it would have a weird gap so I would have to build all the way around it to actually connect.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and would recommend it, I just was hoping for something with a bit more story to it than what I got (maybe my expectations were too high from reviews, if I had gone in not expecting much of a story, it may have been better..), given the other constraints/issues with the longevity of the scenario and the UI. Maybe the other scenarios will provide more story arcs.

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