Thoughts on new scenario?

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So I have just completed the new scenario and wanted to see opinions from people who also completed it. Again warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

I decided to first do it at normal difficulty, just to have a fun evening with a good story, without too many challenges. I have to say though: the scenario was awesome, but to be honest totally not what I expected. Let me split the scenario into 3 major parts: part where we rebuild city, gain trust, lower discontent (first 9 days); part where we stabilise, build repair station, try to figure out the next move; last part where we evacuate everyone.

First some positive points. Awesome new mechanics. All 3 parts were really-really new and cool. First part was really awesome, trying to "destroy" the old city and building the new one. Second part, simply new mechanics, trying to figure out how they play out. And the last part, trying to save as many people as possible, forcing overtime for extra cabins. The scenario captured the feel of "leaving" really well, forcing me to try to get as much steel and food as possible. More harder moral decisions: who do I save and who do I leave behind (god damn morals). New mechanics with scientists and automaton on a bridge, very cool. Lastly, just revisiting locations from main campaign, giving extra lore layer.


Now onto some negative things (devs, don't take it as criticism, I loved the scenario, those are just minor things). Firstly, I completed the scenario in 2.5 hours, without rushing it (and with some minor reloads). To compare: when I rush through first scenario, I complete it in barely over 2 hours (4-5 hours when I slow down and read everything). Rushed refugees around 1.5 hours. And I did not rush this one, I did spend my time reading and everything. So it felt kinda…too short (at the end I hoped that it is not an end, and just start of scenario where I rebuild a new city from 0). So good scenario, yet so short. Which brings me to the second point. Technically I "skipped" around first 10-15 days because half of city was already built, I had 500 people, half of research is done, some laws are already passed. With all evacuation it made it pointless to rebuild properly (except moving some houses into heat zone), getting too much research or just trying to min/max some of the resources. I mean it is probably mostly because I expected a new scenario where I build from 0 ground (I like that) and instead was focusing more on the evacuation than building.

Read:  Main scenario. No adaptation laws, no deaths, all survived, no hunters abuse.

Lastly, small thing (just a question): not fully clear what last scientists are supposed to do. They don't seem to discover any new locations, then what do they do??

Overall: great scenario with good new features. Personally, not my piece of cake (I enjoy building from zero and having more replayability by being able to start from 0 laws and technology, and trying different approaches). Was definitely worth the wait, but now waiting to see how endurance mode plays out.

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