[Thoughts + Questions] Finished first scenario today on third attempt.

frostpunk 4 - [Thoughts + Questions] Finished first scenario today on third attempt.

I had picked up Frost Punk two days ago and have played it for ~8 hours so far. When I started, I was very lost and didn't know what I'm supposed to do. So I watched n-number of tutorial videos and tips on how to organize the buildings. Still, I got banished from the settlement on day 21, twice. On my third play through I finally managed to complete it. Here are some of my quick thoughts –

  1. First 2-3 weeks, everything was going relatively great. High hope and low discontentment. Then that lone refugee stumbles onto your settlement and the hope drops drastically… it hit me hard irl. One moment I was like "yeah, we'll win this" and the next moment was "dafuq..! DAFUQ..! NOoo". Kudos to the game-makers for being able to evoke strong irl emotions.

  2. Similarly when I finished the first scenario, that did give me a sense of accomplishment; as if I literally lead and saved hundreds of people.

  3. The other scenarios are the stories from the perspective of the other people my scouts discovered during their scouting..? AWESOME.

  4. I was trying to follow the building tips at the start, (buildings of same sizes in the same ring etc.). But soon it went out of hand, and I started dropping things wherever I had space available.

  5. When the "survive the storm" quest items popped up on the left side, I panicked and immediately recalled all my scouts and outposts. I realized very late that the storm is still quite a few days in future and I could have sent the scout on rescuing people from the 3 other settlements. But I didn't get punished in any way for not rescuing them!! So, is that pointless?



Sad that the game doesn't have any kind of stats saved / displayed once the scenario is completed. And I would've loved to take a detailed high-res snapshot of the city I built. But no such option. The game should've had a "Gallery" section and saved the city photos there. And the ending video.

Seriously, when the scenario ended and I got pushed back to the title screen, without any stats or save screen, it felt like as if the game crashed and took all my progress with it. So much investment and nothing to show for it. Super sad.

Questions –

  1. Do Steam Hubs not work during the storm? I had them fully upgraded and yet, they were not warming any of the nearby buildings..!!
  2. How come people were randomly becoming homeless? Say I have created homes for everyone and no new refugee has come. Still, randomly I get 🏠"homeless = 5" icon popup. How?
  3. I lost all of the "keep houses in livable state" quests. I added stem hubs among those houses and fulfilled first half of the condition. I kept the houses livable for days n days… Then next temperature drop comes and it says "you broke your promise"….!! Am I supposed to keep the houses warm for the entirety of the runtime?

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