Throwing morals away is the toughest part of survival.

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Throwing morals away is the toughest part of survival.

To start the New Home scenario off on Hard difficulty, I wanted to get the Central Heating achievement (no steam hubs what so ever), so I gave it a go. I also wanted to try out the Purpose and Order law tree for my first time as well. I've played the Faith tree since I first started playing and it's gotten easy to play on hard difficulty with the help of about 20 automations and God on your side.

Being a Christian, I'm obsessed with helping out every soul in the game and keeping all 600+ people alive and have done so successfully in my last few runs. Others may have different morals or personalities than I, but in the game they do affect on how you make decisions.

Anyhow, with the challenge of relying solely on the central heating of the generator and my inexperience in the Order tree, it got dirty real quick once mid game rolled around. With the limitations of my generator range, I could only take in so many refugees. Denying access for the refugees was the most difficult decision to take on and I had to sit there for a moment to think on these decisions.


The Order tree was a heck of a rollercoaster ride, and was pretty neat too in it's mechanics I'd say. Again, another tough decision to make was crossing the line into full on despotism. Hope was extremely low with about 60 Londoners and it was day 25 already. I had to force my hand an kill off about 20 people and imprison more.

By far the most stressful session I've had in FrostPunk since I first got into the game. I may have hindered myself by not focusing on getting the beacon early or researching outposts for additional steam cores. Nonetheless I survived the storm with 440 people and was a great challenge that definitely tested my morals and resource management skills.

To me, that's the best feature of the game itself. It's not the city building and strategy like Banished and other games, it's the harsh decisions and that you have to make that affect your people emotionally and physically, which really affect the player if they immerse themselves with the story of the game.

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