Tiered Army Warehouse Production and a small rewrite of the On The Edge Scenario

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To start off, this figurative On The Edge scenario actually has you dealing with New London for longer than two weeks, upwards of 30-35 days where they control the laws and your food shipments before getting to the point where shipments of resources mean you get food, just an FYI if the timetable gets you confused.

Anyway, I really wish there would of been a system similar to the Winterhome Dreadnought that made it to where the Army Warehouse has different tiers or levels requiring more resources to be poured into fixing them to gain access to more parts of the Warehouse and its story rather than simply just providing a stable output 24/7 with no story.

For example say the first level has access to some steel and a few steam cores that New London really wants to build more Industrial Hothouses after Hunter Hangar's are rendered useless. You deliver on that, giving up those easy to reach cores and being given a pop-up message saying your Army Warehouse workers discovered a industrial elevator in the very back that has two steam core cases in it and requires a total overhaul to get operational again to gain access to the next level (50 Steel and 50 coal). New London politely requests that you continue your exploration to help the city.

2nd level comes around and there's a lot more steam cores cases, but less steel, making it to where you may need to either balance your research and steel upkeep or depend on the scouts returning with what steel scraps you can find. Furthermore, there's a massive broken steel door on one side of this level, requiring an additional +40 workers and +10 engineers that takes two days to get fully operational and open. New London gets really antsy during this time and basically tries to twist your arm into using Emergency Shifts for no reason and halting food shipments until progress is made, causing strife with you and your workers.

3rd level: Turns out the massive door leads down a large ramp into a vehicle depot, some of which are advanced tracked prototypes that use Steam Cores as Internal Combustion Engines, similar to a Snowcat, but more advanced. These prototypes can easily be outfitted to provide a boost to the warehouse power or they can be sent back to New London where they will be disassembled and then used as a base model for production of the vehicles. New London implores you to give them, essentially threatening you with reduced food shipments and a recall of critical engineers unless you give in, causing major strife with workers who want you to send scouts out to find another food source. Back in the Warehouse, it turns out some of these vehicles were crushed by either a large tectonic earthquake (reference to the Deep Fracture location) or poor tunneling supports, leading you to be able to salvage the steel, coal, wood, and undamaged cores from the prototypes.


4th level: Upon reassembling the underground complex's supports (200 wood and 50 steel), your workers notice it leads to an adjacent room with a massive broken elevator. Sending a scout team down into the shaft structure makes it to where you notice there are pre-manufactured generator parts lying around, potentially made outside on site by IEC to serve both the Winterhome and New London generators in case of a catastrophic emergency (Further rubs salt upon wounds for the TFoW scenario that more help was so close nearby, but not known about). Before you can notify New London of this news, however, it's at this point that New London sees your interaction with other settlements as threatening their food security and abandons your team after you ship the administrators back to focus on everything else happening at home before they deal with you.

Where this diverges from the actual story of On The Edge is that after New London's abandonment and your meetup with the settlements, your team finds plans for the generator in the underground offices of this level along with a destroyed bridge in an extremely large cavern leading to the final level of the Army Warehouse. Your outpost surmises that with the cache of parts and plans, you could potentially use the shaft location of Winterhome to create a new Generator and build a city free from New London's grasp, however, a vast amount of resources would be needed to unthaw that site from the snow and ice that has accumulated since the Great Storm.

5th level: Upon rebuilding the bridge (300 Wood and 300 Steel), your workers are met with a nightmarish sight. Within the confines of the room lay some of the Royal Army's most advanced and militaristic technical designs before the Evacuation, including four mechanized lancers (Automaton with guns), numerous tracked Snowcats with cannons in side sponsons (akin to Mark IV tanks), two disassembled winged flying machines with bombing ordnance laying in cases beside them, hundreds of steam cores and thousands of crates more of the latest models of firearms and ammunition.

How you choose to use those technological marvels, whether as acting against New London in a pre-emptive strike to take their city for yourselves (Imagine seeing animations of armed automatons circling the New London crater before aiming down and opening fire with cannons, it would be pretty jarring) or as base resources to rebuild New London's generator and Winterhome's site is up to you.

Perhaps if you chose the peaceful option you may find remnants of plans for Winterhome's evacuation, allowing both you, New London and the other settlements to focus on looking for others and building Frostland into what your choices and ties to settlements dictated. Both of these still keep the theme of discord among people as the main theme, with extreme routes being taken depending on your choices.

TL;DR, The Army Warehouse was designed as a multi-level system for the player to explore and to house spare parts for the two generators and military technology, but your actions may mean the potential rebuilding of Winterhome or the Destruction of New London.

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