TIPs on beating Hard Mode with no Deaths

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I've spent the last few days trying to beat all 3 missions on Hard with as few deaths as possible. I was finally able to beat Refugees with only Lord Craven dying (he doesn't count as a death though, per cemetery). Screenshot for proof.

General Tips:

  • 1) no 24 shifts (they always seem to result in the first death)
  • 2) Extended shifts on all Workshops and resource hubs (gathering stations, coal thumpers, sawmill, steel, etc)
  • 3) Double up worker use between Hunter Huts and other jobs. You may need to stop extended shifts in some cases, so you can get your workers into the hunters hubs by around 17:15.
  • 4) Use Child labor, you can pack them into Gathering stations around Coal Thumpers.
  • 5) Plan out your colony to cluster around Steam hubs that don't overlap. You'll want separate clusters based around they schedule the Steam hub will keep. ie. 1 work cluster near Steel(8-14 hour shift), 1 Healer cluster with Shrines (24 shift), and 1+ House cluster (24 shift).
  • 6) Place hunter hubs/resource depots outside your city.
  • 7) Plan ahead of your resources, always try to stay on top of what your next need is.
  • 8) I like having 2 scouts, and getting as many/all resources on the map. I scout as much as possible until I really need a resource I find and then send them home.
  • 9) Sawmills are super cost effective. You don't even need the extra range, just pick up and move them as necessary. Get one as soon as possible, wood is crucial the entire game.
  • 10) Get soup as your third law, avoid making meals until soup early on. I recommend Child labor -> 24 hour shift -> soup -> extended shift.

Happy to answer questions if others are having as much trouble as I had!

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