Tips & Tricks Guide + Best Start (3.5 techs before day 2 work shift starts)

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Here are some helpful tips for beginners (especially) and more advanced players *If you rather want to watch the video

  • Scouts are faster when they go to a place they already have been before, saves a ton of time
  • Steam hub can fit 15 house in normal range and a total of 32 houses when steam hub is expanded (video will show how to place the houses to utilize the space). This equates to less coal needed compared to generator range usage.
  • Warehouses don't need heat at all because nobody will work inside so nobody will get sick
  • Steam coal thumpers will need a ridiculous total of 50 people/workers (10 for the coal thumper itself and 10 for each gathering post). Normal coal thumper needs 2 gathering posts in range and the steam coal thumper needs 4 gathering posts in range.
  • If you utilize tip #1 of this post then there should be no reason to have more than 2 scouts the entire game.Rather spend that tech learning time on getting outpost teams and faster outpost teams.
  • Important to know tech workshop productivity levels. 1 workshop = 100%, 2 workshops = 130% in total (not each), 3rd = 150%, 4th = 160% … 4th onwards only adds 10% each. Thats why most people would have 3 tech workshops and rotate the emergency shift (because each workshop have a separate cooldown to emergency shift)
  • Starters Guide: pause straight away, get emergency shift law, collect wood (use everybody except 5 engineers), build a tech workshop first, houses later, don't start generator (no need for the beginning), activate emergency shift when shift is done. This all should equate to 3 and a half techs learned before the day 2 work shift even begins. The tech choice is up to you *NB that's the rate for easy difficulty, will be longer & less techs learned the higher the difficulty is

Thank you for watching the video OR reading this post, any feedback and additional tips/comments will be appreciated


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