Tweaks I’d make to tech and laws

frostpunk 2 - Tweaks I'd make to tech and laws

Based on my minor gripes, here's some tweaks I'd make.

Cookhouse insulation- It's useful in theory, since Cookhouses stop working if they get too cold. But I feel like the insulation techs are a little too spread out. I'd remove the T1 Hothouse insulation tech and instead have the Cookhouse insulation also benefit Hothouses. The T2 Hothouse insulation upgrade would remain where it is and only benefit Hothouses. So if you focus on Hothouses for food, this is a solid pick as it will benefit your entire food infrastructure.

Heaters – Why can't we toggle the 3 heat settings? The only problem with T2 and T3 upgrades is that it becomes all or nothing and you waste coal on the overkill. We can already toggle steam hub radius and schedule so it's reasonable to toggle the heaters.

Generator/Steam Hub radius boosts- I feel like they need to tweak the radius:coal use ratio on these. At the very least, merge the T1 radius boost tech for T1 generator and steam hub; I have to unlock steam hub range upgrade but I never need it and if you really want the generator one then they throw in the hub version for good measure. I'd rather be able to go straight from steam hubs to the efficiency tech instead of wasting time and resources on a speed bump tech to get to what I want.

T2 gathering boost – This one is weird, I'm not sure if it actually improves gathering posts or just tacks on another 10% efficiency on people gathering directly from piles. If it's the latter, then it is already pretty much obsolete since you're going to be using gathering posts and there probably won't be any piles to gather from. So either have it affect gathering posts (if it doesn't) or make the boost more useful for your mid game. For instance, slightly better refund on dismantling structures and faster build /dismantle speeds.


Cemetary/Ceremonial Funerals>- Fine in theory, but you miss out on organ transplants which is such a GREAT law passing it up feels like a net loss. So they need to make this pair useful enough for it to be worth taking. Change it to having an aura effect that boosts nearby homes like fighting pit. Unlike the snow pit which should be far away you'll want the Cemetary near homes since citizens want to be close to departed family. If you don't have any deaths you'll occasionally get random events where unidentified frozen bodies get dug out from the wall drill/coal mine/etc where you can bury them in your Cemetary to honor the nameless dead victims. Ceremonial Funerals, in addition to its passive gives your Cemetary a "Captains Eulogy" which gives a temporary hope boost on a long cooldown, proportional to the number of people buried.

Collective Bargaining- Stopping two strikes sounds amazing, but it doesn't actually happen very often and the ability can't be used to stop one strike. Instead, have it cut strike demands in half, so the food/time concessions become really cheap to offer.

Food for workers – This is a labor union ability that reduces strike chance by 2 in all workplaces for 24 hours, but it costs 100 food which feels like a lot. Many other global abilities typically cost 10-20 food. I think if they're going to charge so much grub then they should ELIMINATE the chance of strike (they could play around with the duration/cooldown so it isn't blatantly abused).

Dispensary – Treating gravely ill is nice but that's what Infirmary does and this building still needs 5 engineers so it just feels a little redundant. Instead have it improve the efficiency of other medical procedures; halving the chance of amputees from radical treatment/accidents, halving the treatment time of gravely ill patients in Infirmary, and halving risk of frostbite. This might work better as a Buff that medical buildings can activate with the global effect lasting 12 hours or whatnot so you'd have to kind of time it well. Scripted and random accidents could give an option to give victims emergency treatment to reduce casualties (deaths/Amputees become gravely ill, gravely ill just injured, some injured are fine)

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