Two high quality scenarios suggestion

frostpunk 4 - Two high quality scenarios suggestion

Heya, I've been playing Frostpunk for countless of hours and I want to admit that I love it! I'm highly hyped for 2019 roadmap and I have a good feeling that we will receive some more content for the game.

To put things simple,I had two ideas that theoretically could turn into great scenarios that kept bothering me for months so I believe it won't be a bad thing to type them down in this subreddit. With this post I'm hoping to inspire our amazing developers and build some hype for new road map of Frostpunk. I'm sorry if my ideas are not very well structured and with some potential typos.

1. Highly mobile/non permanent, constantly moving group of survivors without a generator.

MAP/SETTING: Dynamical map which consists for 5-6 smaller different maps that change as survivors change their locations. There's no typical generator for the rest of the scenario (read further, it's not that crazy).

STORY: Small group of survivors got separated from convoy and got lost in the blizzard. Due to burden of supplies, gravely ill and having no vehicles slows them down and they are aware they that have no chance to catch up with the main convoy. In order to survive they have to keep moving and search for place where and HOW they could survive the final storm.

GOAL: To survive; find a place to survive the final storm.

CHALLENGES: No proper way to store/carry many resources, impossible to maintain a large population of people (40-50 is the maximum). Gravely ill and sick will slow down survivors on move; some of them might be left behind.

TECHNICAL CHALLENGES: This scenario will require few new mechanics: the base map will be changed multiple times and all the survivors with supplies will be moving similarly to classic scouts. Before moving to new location, buildings should be automatically or manually dismantled.

GAMEPLAY: Scouts are sent to "blind trips" without beacon. They come back with some supplies and provides information of new location(s) they found and reports what kind of resources are here if they found multiple. The following day survivors can take as much supplies as they can carry and move to the selected new location. People, assigned to their work places will dismantle their tents, mobile workshops/med stations and move to the new location over the night. Scout team can be disbanded to help out with moving the supplies. At least one automaton could be found by scouts and sent to the main group which will help to carry even more supplies or power up new heating source later on. In the end survivors can find a deep and narrow cave which, with the right tech can be heated up very well.

HEATING: small, makeshift steam hub or a system of few combined steam hubs that can be quickly built and dismantled in order to be moved again.

RESOURCES: Extremely limited. No way to build permanent and advanced resource extractors.

TECH/RESEARCH: No big buildings and resource extractors. New tech/research points: mobile hub which is smaller and has 50%-70% smaller radius when the original one (powerful enough to heat up 4 small buildings), mobile workshop (tent-like small workshop with 3 engineers), small tents for 5 people (later on they can be upgraded), sealed doors for the cave in order to stop/reduce the cold, new steam-hub-tents with additional resistance to frost for final research in the cave. Improvised prostheses made from wood and steel.


NEW LAWS: Leaving gravely ill behind; Leaving a small camp behind with few workers with hope that some of gravelly ill will be cured and the following day they will rejoin the main camp while the rest will die; there's risk to lose everyone (including workers) in such small camp behind. Note: due to drastically different gameplay, this scenario might require major alteration of law-tree. Hunter squad: a small group of 3 workers will be sent out to hunt.

2. New hope in restoring the dead settlement.

MAP/SETTING: Huge, abandoned and under deep snow buried crater with badly damaged generator in the middle. Ruins of the buildings blocks space around generator.

STORY: Medium sized, worn out and low on supplies group of survivors came up to the little promising location. They have no more strength and supplies to move any further so the only way here is to restore the existing generator.

Just after the generator is on, its smoke is spotted by a nearby camp (who abandoned the dead settlement after the generator was lost). They found no safe place and due to hunger and lack of supplies they are desperate enough to kill. Every night/few nights more of them come to the settlement. Some of them will be peaceful and some – dangerous. The leader will have few choices: to save some of them (allow only women and children etc) or banish everyone with force and firearms.

GOAL: To survive; to restore the generator and supply it with enough coal; to fight with another settlement which wants to capture the base and slaughter the survivors because there's simply no room for everyone.

CHALLENGES: Ruins are blocking resources and space around generator. Removing ruins will take a lot of time and effort before starting to repair the generator itself. Playing around morality: murdering attackers might appear differently to some of your settlers and they will start to question you as the leader.

TECHNICAL CHALLENGES: New mechanics involving firearms and defender-squads. In order to save time and resources there is little reason to make a war happening in the main map in the base. Fights can be performed on the "scout" map.

GAMEPLAY: abandoned and semi-wrecked/exploded generator. People will work in extreme cold/around makeshift heating sources in order to rebuild it. Rebuilding it will take at least a week or longer and will encourage leader to look for temporary heating sources. After the generator is activated, it will draw the attention of nearby camp of desperate people who will do their best to capture your settlement. Weapons and outposts will have to be built and manned, supplied with weapons in order to withstand stronger and stronger attacks. Such outposts would prevent the attackers from getting inside and fighting with your people to death.

HEATING: Restored generator, alternative heating sources before the generator is rebuilt.

RESOURCES: First supplies will come from ruins and coal piles. Permanent supply extractors can be build later.

TECH/RESEARCH: Weapons, armed defenders, ammunition, armed outposts.

NEW LAWS: Opening fire – this law will allow to use firearms to fight attackers from the nearby camp. Before that, your settlers will attempt to fight bare-handed and will get injured/killed.

Thank you for reading. I'm aware that there's always a room for improvements so let me know if you have any ideas or corrections :))

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