Was it worth it?

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So, just beat a New home on hard.

Saved everybody (except for 1 ill person who died in a house of faith purely to trigger an event… Kinda pissed me off because I was trying to do a no deaths play through) Only fanatic laws that were passed were righteous denunciation and faith keepers, and those aren't even a big deal since they were already common in the 1880's to one degree or another historically speaking.

Still got the "was it worth it", and "faith was abused" tag at the end… Heck yeah it was worth it to me, and faith was not abused. A city of 661 people needs some form of police, who cares if it's faith keepers or order police. I always sided with just people and never even sent out the faith keepers when my cleric got beaten up. I saved literally everybody, and the only people who needed amputations were those that were refuges from the storm. Even those people got top of the line prosthetic from my factory and workshops of autonomous machines. Honestly the only questionable moral actions I took was putting the children to work early on in safe jobs, but even that isn't really a big deal imo, only two got hurt the entire game and they got a day off from that.


I had to lol during the storm when everyone kept wanting to stay home from work, even though work literally was the warmest places. I would have been begging to go back into the gathering depot rather than stay in my freezing home. At least the people were smart enough to stay in my chilly houses of healing during the last 6 hours of freezing storm.

Anyways what do you guys think. Was it "worth it?"

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