Well, i just came out of a 7 hour Frostpunk trance.

porosenok po prozvischu hitrjushka 1024x576 - Well, i just came out of a 7 hour Frostpunk trance.

I was determined to finish the New Home storyline, i chose the Faith route. My city had beaten the londoners, hope was sky high when the storm hit but when it did, i started overcharging the generator and knuckled down for the long storm.

The first few days were fine. Coal production was high, food rations were holding up well, but hope was dropping as i forced people to work and i used the seekers and church to keep disorder in check. By the 3rd day however, 3 entire families were dead. Food had run out. And i began researching the final heat level for the generator (after researching better efficiancy)

On the last day that little sun icon was about to reach the left of the dial, as it began to do so i could hear the thawing sound, meaning i did it. I beat the storm. I let out a sigh of relief and was about to turn off the overclocking of the generator. And just as i opened the menu to do so… it hit 100% and exploded.


My generator exploded less than 5 seconds from victory…

After this i checked the time and saw it was 1am. I started playing at 6.

I've raged about this game, made a couple posts on here venting and begging for advice. And thank you all for said advice, i regret being such a bi*ch about it. But this game, its abit like dark souls. It's hard but fair and very well made. And super engrossing.

I do have a request though. Please let us zoom in closer! I wanna see my city from the eye level of a regular person, i wanna see my city from all new angles and the like.

Anyway if i dont stop ill ramble on forever. Great game. Glad i didn't throw in the towel after failing so many times.

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