What is everyone’s opening few days with Hard New Home?

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - What is everyone's opening few days with Hard New Home?

I completed the New Home scenario on medium first try with 658 survivors, and I'll highlight that I also did not break a single promise, no one left for London, I saved every person and had no non-event based deaths. I also dealt with the Londoner's peacefully through Order.

But man, hard is throwing me for a loop. It's not that I'm failing due to any particular event, but that I'll realise I've reached a point that I have not prepared enough and will not survive. It probably doesn't help that I'm trying to again go for a full 100% compassion run but that's part of the challenge.

So I was wondering what people's opening strategies were as I've sorta pigeon-holed myself into a particular one that's clearly not working in the sense that my progression is not fast enough.

Here's what I do:

  • Day 1: Instantly sign 24hr shift into law. 58 people on wood, 7 on steel which will net 197 wood and 15 steel. At 6pm, build 8 tents, a medical post, workshop and 2 gathering huts at the wood/steel piles. My placement of them, along with their roads leaves me with 20 wood and 0 steel.

  • Day 2: Around 2am the Book will be available again. Sign extended shift law and place the workshop on ES. Research faster gathering leaving 10 wood. Place 20 workers in the huts, 30 on the wood which leaves 5 spare engineers (after medical and workshop). As soon as the work day begins and an extra 15 wood is gathered, build a 2nd medical post and staff it. In my experience so far on hard there's almost always more than 5 sick. End of work day build a cookhouse, 2nd workshop, hunters hut and 3 more gathering posts at the each of other piles. After faster gathering I follow up with the hunting technique research which won't complete.

  • Day 3: Of the 30 workers that were placed on wood, 25 are now moved to the 3 new gathering posts and 5 to the cookhouse. If RNGesus is merciful, there will be less than 5 sick and you can move 5 engineers to the 2nd workshop. The Book should be ready before the next working day, sign Soup into law. Once all the food is cooked I move the cooks to the gathering huts.

From here I will sign child care, engineer apprentices and then branch down to extra rations for the sick followed by fighting pits -> public house -> moonshine. In terms of research I usually then go heaters followed by saw mills then lvl 2 and generator lvl 2. After this I research steel works and coal mines and put them online as the gathering posts dry up.

My problem, I think, is that I get too caught up in research (specifically for heating) and before I realise it day 15 comes by and I get the Winterhome survivor knocking on my door because I have only set up to scout from maybe day 10-11. This I think I need to do faster. I'm also debating on if I use my initial core for a wall drill instead of a coal mine because I believe I'm bottlenecked more on wood in the early game than I am coal and the survivors from the Lost Convoy are more than enough to try the coal pumps (which I've never bothered with).

Thanks for reading and leaving comments.

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