What would you want to see added to the game?

frostpunk 1920x1200 strategy city builder 2018 13312 1024x640 - What would you want to see added to the game?

For the first days, we focus on survival. Later on, we'd need some ways to keep people happy. I believe 'you're not freezing to death' and 'you eat more frequently than 3 days' are not a proper means of achieving so. That's why I'd love to see some ways of making the city… more like an actual city, with entertaining places, that can boost your happiness. Or some ways to make the city beautiful. I know the are some law-possibilites, and yet it's not enough. I've got an idea for a building: Forum: You can send many people to discuss your current situation; especially useful when Londoners are a thret. So you actually pay for lower discontent/higher happiness with human resources that don't work while discussing.


Any other wishes?

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