Win on Survivor as a cruel tyrant?

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I have played Frostpunk since its release and admire this game very much. I think it is one of the best strategy games ever made, and I have played plenty of them. I have tried almost every possible strategy on Normal/Hard using different approaches regarding economics and exploration, but my ideological approach has always been the same – to be the "good guy" as much as possible.

Now I feel that I would like to advance to Survivor difficulty level, and help myself overcoming the challenges it brings by giving up the moral principles. Survival above everything! It means opening up entire ideology tree, triage, pub with hookers, organic fertilizer, and then force as many as possible to work on extended/emergency shifts, including children. No hope, high discontent, and many guards to shut people up 🙂


I think, however, that the profit crossing the line (big way) gives is too low to be able to win on Survivor. In the beginning of the game, there is a certaing path that one has to follow, and any mistake means failure. The mid-late game is more flexible, but I feel that the opportunity cost of picking the "bad" laws is simply too high. Is there a way to win the game on Survivor AND (or, more precisely, BY) crossing the line?


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