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Where do you build the Research Station?-> On top of the Generator

What do the Frostland events do?

-> Bring back the Research Station Engineers = No Weather Forecast

-> Bring back the Automaton = Iron Outpost Disabled

-> Bring back the other Engineers by the New Home location = Miss out on a small bonus event towards the end of the game (not a 100% of the event happening though). You basically send Scouts to see what "the smoke" is, referencing the New Home city. Details in posts below.

-> Risk Looting the Trailer = An extra Steam Core 50% of the time, Death 50% of the time. (You have exactly enough Steam Cores in the game to finish the Dreadnaught without visiting the Trailer. If you loot it normally, you get 1 spare, and if you Risk/Succeed in looting more, you get 2 spare.)


What are some of the event consequences?

-> Lie about the Generator= Get Blackmailed twice. First time = send 2 Engineers + 2 Children or be exposed. Second time = Kill 4 Engineers or be exposed. If you get exposed, tons of people, including Engineers, leave and steal resources.

-> Let the father go be with his son on the ship = People get pissed that you played favorites and leave/steal supplies. Don't let him go.

Other Notes:

-> Amputees can not be sent without Prosthetics. Amputees are counted in events like "send all children", so you need Prosthetics ASAP.

Anything else you guys would like to add is welcome. 🙂

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