Winterhome, I hate this entire expansion.

frostpunk screenshot 06 1024x576 - Winterhome, I hate this entire expansion.

First off spoiler warning.

Finally beat it on the hardest difficulty. And I STILL get guilt tripped for 14 hour workdays, as well as get monumental guilt for not building the last cabin when there physically wasn't enough steam cores. Most I could think of was scrapping the automaton at the end, but it seemed physically impossible to get enough iron for last cabin without it. I… legit don't know what more I could have done. I even got guilted for 'letting panic spread' by not murdering them in the streets when they wanted to escape!

I enjoyed the game because it showed people banding together against impossible odds. But this? It felt like no matter what you did people loathed your very existence. You were the awful guy keeping families apart, you were the one who kept children to run the soup kitchens… so its only fair other members of your society would send them on their own to the dreadnought, right? Nevermind if the game guilts you for letting two score children die in the snow because you couldnt send hundreds to the ship within the first two days. Even if you sent a search party? That fails, and you're punished.


And if that trailer falls into the ravine, god help you because you will die on harder difficulties, no matter what. Too bad if the cores are needed for cabins, right? I… Im okay with being told Im a horrible person at the end of my DLC if I earned it. But when you play a game because people cooperating to survive and save others is emotionally heartwarming, this is horrible to watch. An expansion where you see adults abandoning children for safety, little ones dying in ruins or mines if you're distracted since you cant choose to avoid child labor, and being forced to pause to try and minimize the ugliest side of humanity? Its sickening, not heartwarming to the point of encouraging you to do better to save another person.

Read:  Such a enjoyable game!

I hate this expansion. I don't think I'll ever play it again.

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